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Citas sobre mis artículos
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Longitudinal data analysis using generalized linear models
KY Liang, SL Zeger
Biometrika 73 (1), 13-22
Analysis of longitudinal data
P Diggle, P Heagerty, KY Liang, S Zeger
Oxford University Press
Longitudinal data analysis for discrete and continuous outcomes
SL Zeger, KY Liang
Biometrics, 121-130
Models for longitudinal data: a generalized estimating equation approach
SL Zeger, KY Liang, PS Albert
Biometrics, 1049-1060
NIH Definition of Biomarker
F Biomedical
Clin Pharmacol Ther 69, 89-95
Fine particulate air pollution and mortality in 20 US cities, 1987–1994
JM Samet, F Dominici, FC Curriero, I Coursac, SL Zeger
New England journal of medicine 343 (24), 1742-1749
Generalized linear models with random effects; a Gibbs sampling approach
SL Zeger, MR Karim
Journal of the American statistical association 86 (413), 79-86
Fine particulate air pollution and hospital admission for cardiovascular and respiratory diseases
F Dominici, RD Peng, ML Bell, L Pham, A McDermott, SL Zeger, ...
Jama 295 (10), 1127-1134
Multivariate regression analyses for categorical data
KY Liang, SL Zeger, B Qaqish
Journal of the Royal Statistical Society. Series B (Methodological), 3-40
Temperature and mortality in 11 cities of the eastern United States
FC Curriero, KS Heiner, JM Samet, SL Zeger, L Strug, JA Patz
American journal of epidemiology 155 (1), 80-87
Ozone and short-term mortality in 95 US urban communities, 1987-2000
ML Bell, A McDermott, SL Zeger, JM Samet, F Dominici
Jama 292 (19), 2372-2378
The national morbidity, mortality, and air pollution study
JM Samet, SL Zeger, F Dominici, F Curriero, I Coursac, DW Dockery, ...
Part II: morbidity and mortality from air pollution in the United States Res ...
Regression analysis for correlated data
KY Liang, SL Zeger
Annual review of public health 14 (1), 43-68
An overview of methods for the analysis of longitudinal data
SL Zeger, KY Liang
Statistics in medicine 11 (14‐15), 1825-1839
On the use of generalized additive models in time-series studies of air pollution and health
F Dominici, A McDermott, SL Zeger, JM Samet
American journal of epidemiology 156 (3), 193-203
Exposure measurement error in time-series studies of air pollution: concepts and consequences.
SL Zeger, D Thomas, F Dominici, JM Samet, J Schwartz, D Dockery, ...
Environmental health perspectives 108 (5), 419
Modelling multivariate binary data with alternating logistic regressions
V Carey, SL Zeger, P Diggle
Biometrika 80 (3), 517-526
Phenotype of frailty: characterization in the women's health and aging studies
K Bandeen-Roche, QL Xue, L Ferrucci, J Walston, JM Guralnik, P Chaves, ...
The Journals of Gerontology Series A: Biological Sciences and Medical ...
A regression model for time series of counts
SL Zeger
Biometrika 75 (4), 621-629
Semiparametric models for longitudinal data with application to CD4 cell numbers in HIV seroconverters
SL Zeger, PJ Diggle
Biometrics, 689-699
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