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Working memory is (almost) perfectly predicted by< i> g</i>
R Colom, I Rebollo, A Palacios, M Juan-Espinosa, PC Kyllonen
Intelligence 32 (3), 277-296
Distributed brain sites for the< i> g</i>-factor of intelligence
R Colom, RE Jung, RJ Haier
Neuroimage 31 (3), 1359-1365
Working memory and intelligence are highly related constructs, but why?
R Colom, FJ Abad, MÁ Quiroga, PC Shih, C Flores-Mendoza
Intelligence 36 (6), 584-606
The generational intelligence gains are caused by decreasing variance in the lower half of the distribution: Supporting evidence for the nutrition hypothesis
R Colom, JM Lluis-Font, A Andrés-Pueyo
Intelligence 33 (1), 83-91
Psicología de las diferencias individuales: Teoría y práctica
R Colom
Ediciones Pirámide
Memory span and general intelligence: A latent-variable approach
R Colom, FJ Abad, I Rebollo, P Chun Shih
Intelligence 33 (6), 623-642
Distributed neural system for general intelligence revealed by lesion mapping
J Gläscher, D Rudrauf, R Colom, LK Paul, D Tranel, H Damasio, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (10), 4705-4709
Working memory and intelligence
R Colom, C Flores-Mendoza, I Rebollo
Personality and Individual Differences 34 (1), 33-39
Complex span tasks, simple span tasks, and cognitive abilities: A reanalysis of key studies
R Colom, I Rebollo, FJ Abad, PC Shih
Memory & Cognition 34 (1), 158-171
Negligible sex differences in general intelligence
R Colom, M Juan-Espinosa, F Abad, LF Garcı́a
Intelligence 28 (1), 57-68
Gray matter correlates of fluid, crystallized, and spatial intelligence: Testing the P-FIT model
R Colom, RJ Haier, K Head, J Álvarez-Linera, MÁ Quiroga, PC Shih, ...
Intelligence 37 (2), 124-135
Sex differences in fluid intelligence among high school graduates
R Colom, O Garcı́a-López
Personality and Individual differences 32 (3), 445-451
General intelligence and memory span: evidence for a common neuroanatomic framework
R Colom, RE Jung, RJ Haier
Cognitive Neuropsychology 24 (8), 867-878
Fluid intelligence, memory span, and temperament difficulties predict academic performance of young adolescents
R Colom, S Escorial, PC Shih, J Privado
Personality and Individual differences 42 (8), 1503-1514
Testing the developmental theory of sex differences in intelligence on 12–18 year olds
R Colom, R Lynn
Personality and Individual Differences 36 (1), 75-82
An integrative architecture for general intelligence and executive function revealed by lesion mapping
AK Barbey, R Colom, J Solomon, F Krueger, C Forbes, J Grafman
Brain 135 (4), 1154-1164
The secular increase in test scores is a “Jensen effect”
R Colom, M Juan-Espinosa, LF Garcı́a
Personality and Individual Differences 30 (4), 553-559
Generational IQ gains: Spanish data
R Colom, M Juan-Espinosa
Personality and individual differences 25 (5), 927-935
Intelligence differentiation in adult samples
FJ Abad, R Colom, M Juan-Espinosa, LF Garcı́a
Intelligence 31 (2), 157-166
El estudio de la inteligencia humana: recapitulación ante el cambio de milenio
R Colom Marañón, A Andrés-Pueyo
Psicothema 11 (3), 453-476
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