Arkaitz Fidalgo-Marijuan
Arkaitz Fidalgo-Marijuan
BCMaterials-Basque Center for Materials Applications & Nanostructures
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Metal–organic framework based PVDF separators for high rate cycling lithium-ion batteries
A Valverde, R Goncalves, MM Silva, S Wuttke, A Fidalgo-Marijuan, ...
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Heterogeneous catalytic properties of unprecedented μ-O-[FeTCPP] 2 dimers (H 2 TCPP= meso-tetra (4-carboxyphenyl) porphyrin): An unusual superhyperfine EPR structure
A Fidalgo-Marijuan, G Barandika, B Bazán, MK Urtiaga, ES Larrea, ...
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High-Performance Room Temperature Lithium-Ion Battery Solid Polymer Electrolytes Based on Poly(vinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene) Combining Ionic …
JC Barbosa, DM Correia, EM Fernandez, A Fidalgo-Marijuan, ...
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Chitin/Metal‐Organic Framework Composites as Wide‐Range Adsorbent
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Silk fibroin and sericin polymer blends for sustainable battery separators
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Fe–TPP Coordination Network with Metalloporphyrinic Neutral Radicals and Face-to-Face and Edge-to-Face π–π Stacking
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Mother structures related to the hexagonal and cubic close packing in Cu 24 clusters: solvent-influenced derivatives
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CrystEngComm 17 (17), 3297-3304, 2015
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