Catherine Bougerol-(Chaillout)
Catherine Bougerol-(Chaillout)
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Structure of the 100 K superconductor Ba2YCu3O7 between (5÷ 300) K by neutron powder diffraction
JJ Capponi, C Chaillout, AW Hewat, P Lejay, M Marezio, N Nguyen, ...
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C Chaillout, SW Cheong, Z Fisk, MS Lehmann, M Marezio, B Morosin, ...
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The synthesis and characterization of the HgBa2Ca2Cu3O8+ δ and HgBa2Ca3Cu4O10+ δ phases
EV Antipov, SM Loureiro, C Chaillout, JJ Capponi, P Bordet, JL Tholence, ...
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M-plane core–shell InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-wells on GaN wires for electroluminescent devices
R Koester, JS Hwang, D Salomon, X Chen, C Bougerol, JP Barnes, ...
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Flexible light-emitting diodes based on vertical nitride nanowires
X Dai, A Messanvi, H Zhang, C Durand, J Eymery, C Bougerol, FH Julien, ...
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Subnanosecond spectral diffusion measurement using photon correlation
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Oxygen vacancy ordering in Ba2YCu3O7− x around x= 0.5
C Chaillout, MA Alario-Franco, JJ Capponi, J Chenavas, P Strobel, ...
Solid state communications 65 (4), 283-286, 1988
A note on the symmetry and Bi valence of the superconductor Bi2Sr2Ca1Cu2O8
P Bordet, JJ Capponi, C Chaillout, J Chenavas, AW Hewat, EA Hewat, ...
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Near infrared quantum cascade detector in GaN∕ AlGaN∕ AlN heterostructures
A Vardi, G Bahir, F Guillot, C Bougerol, E Monroy, SE Schacham, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (1), 2008
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A high-temperature single-photon source from nanowire quantum dots
A Tribu, G Sallen, T Aichele, R Andre, JP Poizat, C Bougerol, S Tatarenko, ...
Nano letters 8 (12), 4326-4329, 2008
A family of non-stoichiometric phases based on Ba2YCu3O7− δ (0≤ δ≤ 1)
MA Alario-Franco, C Chaillout, JJ Capponi, J Chenavas, M Marezio
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Structural and optical properties of InGaN/GaN nanowire heterostructures grown by PA-MBE
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Nature 333 (6168), 53-54, 1988
Structures of superconducting Ba2YCu3O7-ϖ and semiconducting Ba2YCu3O6 between 25° C and 750° C
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Academie des Sciences Paris Comptes Rendus Serie Sciences Mathematiques 304 …, 1987
Polarity of GaN nanowires grown by plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy on Si (111)
K Hestroffer, C Leclere, C Bougerol, H Renevier, B Daudin
Physical Review B 84 (24), 245302, 2011
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