José Antonio Donázar
José Antonio Donázar
Research Professor (EBD-CSIC)
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Density‐dependent fecundity by habitat heterogeneity in an increasing population of Spanish imperial eagles
M Ferrer, JA Donazar
Ecology 77 (1), 69-74, 1996
Large scale risk-assessment of wind-farms on population viability of a globally endangered long-lived raptor
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Density‐dependent productivity depression in pyrenean bearded vultures: implications for conservation
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JL Tella, MG Forero, F Hiraldo, JA Donázar
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Food resource utilisation by the Magellanic penguin evaluated through stable-isotope analysis: segregation by sex and age and influence on offspring quality
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Los buitres ibéricos: biología y conservación
JA Donázar
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Testing the goodness of supplementary feeding to enhance population viability in an endangered vulture
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Los buitres ibéricos
JA Donázar
JM Reyero, 1993
Conservation status and limiting factors in the endangered population of Egyptian vulture (Neophron percnopterus) in the Canary Islands
JA Donázar, CJ Palacios, L Gangoso, O Ceballos, MJ González, ...
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Causes and fitness consequences of natal dispersal in a population of black kites
MG Forero, JA Donázar, F Hiraldo
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Sanitary versus environmental policies: fitting together two pieces of the puzzle of European vulture conservation
A Margalida, JA Donazar, M Carrete, JA Sánchez‐Zapata
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Too sanitary for vultures
JA Donázar, A Margalida, M Carrete, JA Sánchez-Zapata
Science 326 (5953), 664-664, 2009
Habitat, human pressure, and social behavior: Partialling out factors affecting large-scale territory extinction in an endangered vulture
M Carrete, JM Grande, JL Tella, JA Sánchez-Zapata, JA Donázar, ...
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High trophic overlap within the seabird community of Argentinean Patagonia: a multiscale approach
MG Forero, GR Bortolotti, KA Hobson, JA Donazar, M Bertelloti, G Blanco
Journal of Animal Ecology 73 (4), 789-801, 2004
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