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The Gaia-ESO public spectroscopic survey
G Gilmore, S Randich, M Asplund, J Binney, P Bonifacio, J Drew, ...
The Messenger 147, 25-31, 2012
Late-type members of young stellar kinematic groups–I. Single stars
D Montes, J López-Santiago, MC Gálvez, MJ Fernández-Figueroa, ...
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The nearest young moving groups
J López-Santiago, D Montes, I Crespo-Chacón, MJ Fernández-Figueroa
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Poincaré-beam patterns produced by nonseparable superpositions of Laguerre–Gauss and polarization modes of light
EJ Galvez, S Khadka, WH Schubert, S Nomoto
Applied optics 51 (15), 2925-2934, 2012
CARMENES instrument overview
A Quirrenbach, PJ Amado, JA Caballero, R Mundt, A Reiners, I Ribas, ...
Ground-based and airborne instrumentation for astronomy V 9147, 91471F, 2014
G Tinetti, JP Beaulieu, T Henning, M Meyer, G Micela, I Ribas, D Stam, ...
Experimental Astronomy 34 (2), 311-353, 2012
The first extrasolar planet discovered with a new-generation high-throughput Doppler instrument
J Ge, J Van Eyken, S Mahadevan, C DeWitt, SR Kane, R Cohen, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 648 (1), 683, 2006
CARMENES. I: instrument and survey overview
A Quirrenbach, PJ Amado, W Seifert, MAS Carrasco, H Mandel, ...
Ground-based and airborne instrumentation for astronomy IV 8446, 84460R, 2012
No surviving evolved companions of the progenitor of SN 1006
JIG Hernández, P Ruiz-Lapuente, HM Tabernero, D Montes, R Canal, ...
Nature 489 (7417), 533, 2012
Ca II H and K and Halpha emissions in chromospherically active binary systems (RS Canum Venaticorum and BY Draconis)
MJ Fernández-Figueroa, D Montes, E De Castro, M Cornide
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 90, 433-465, 1994
Optical and ultraviolet observations of a strong flare in the young, single K2 dwarf LQ Hya
D Montes, SH Saar, AC Cameron, YC Unruh
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 305 (1), 45-60, 1999
Effect of magnetic activity saturation in chromospheric flux–flux relationships
R Martínez-Arnáiz, J López-Santiago, I Crespo-Chacón, D Montes
Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society 414 (3), 2629-2641, 2011
A candidate super-Earth planet orbiting near the snow line of Barnard’s star
I Ribas, M Tuomi, A Reiners, RP Butler, JC Morales, M Perger, S Dreizler, ...
Nature 563 (7731), 365, 2018
CARMENES: Calar Alto high-resolution search for M dwarfs with exo-earths with a near-infrared Echelle spectrograph
A Quirrenbach, PJ Amado, H Mandel, JA Caballero, R Mundt, I Ribas, ...
Ground-based and Airborne Instrumentation for Astronomy III 7735, 773513, 2010
Library of Medium-Resolution Fiber Optic Echelle Spectra of F, G, K, and M Field Dwarfs to Giant Stars
D Montes, LW Ramsey, AD Welty
The Astrophysical Journal Supplement Series 123 (1), 283, 1999
CARMENES: data flow
JA Caballero, J Guàrdia, ML del Fresno, M Zechmeister, E de Juan, ...
Observatory operations: strategies, processes, and systems VI 9910, 99100E, 2016
Excited states of beryllium atom from explicitly correlated wave functions
FJ Gálvez, E Buendıa, A Sarsa
The Journal of chemical physics 117 (13), 6071-6082, 2002
Orbital and physical properties of the σ Ori Aa, Ab, B triple system
S Simón-Díaz, JA Caballero, J Lorenzo, JM Apellániz, FRN Schneider, ...
The Astrophysical Journal 799 (2), 169, 2015
Ground-based detection of an extended helium atmosphere in the Saturn-mass exoplanet WASP-69b
L Nortmann, E Pallé, M Salz, J Sanz-Forcada, E Nagel, ...
Science 362 (6421), 1388-1391, 2018
Cool stars: chromospheric activity, rotation, kinematic and age
D Montes, E de Castro, MJ Fernandez-Figueroa, J Lopez-Santiago, ...
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