Bianca Ferreira da Silva
Bianca Ferreira da Silva
Especialista em LC-MS, Instituto de Química, UNESP Araraquara
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Occurrence and distribution of pharmaceuticals in surface water, suspended solids and sediments of the Ebro river basin, Spain
BF da Silva, A Jelic, R López-Serna, AA Mozeto, M Petrovic, D Barceló
Chemosphere 85 (8), 1331-1339, 2011
Analytical chemistry of metallic nanoparticles in natural environments
BF da Silva, S Pérez, P Gardinalli, RK Singhal, AA Mozeto, D Barceló
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 30 (3), 528-540, 2011
Stereoselective bioreduction of bulky-bulky ketones by a novel ADH from Ralstonia sp.
I Lavandera, A Kern, B Ferreira-Silva, A Glieder, S de Wildeman, W Kroutil
The Journal of organic chemistry 73 (15), 6003-6005, 2008
One-way biohydrogen transfer for oxidation of sec-alcohols
I Lavandera, A Kern, V Resch, B Ferreira-Silva, A Glieder, WMF Fabian, ...
Organic letters 10 (11), 2155-2158, 2008
A survey of emerging contaminants in the estuarine receiving environment around Auckland, New Zealand
M Stewart, G Olsen, CW Hickey, B Ferreira, A Jelić, M Petrović, D Barcelo
Science of The Total Environment 468, 202-210, 2014
Combination of photoelectrocatalysis and ozonation: A novel and powerful approach applied in Acid Yellow 1 mineralization
GG Bessegato, JC Cardoso, BF da Silva, MVB Zanoni
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 180, 161-168, 2016
The flavoprotein-catalyzed reduction of aliphatic nitro-compounds represents a biocatalytic equivalent to the Nef-reaction
K Durchschein, B Ferreira-da Silva, S Wallner, P Macheroux, W Kroutil, ...
Green Chemistry 12 (4), 616-619, 2010
Zero-valent iron mediated degradation of ciprofloxacin–Assessment of adsorption, operational parameters and degradation products
JA de Lima Perini, BF Silva, RFP Nogueira
Chemosphere 117, 345-352, 2014
Electrochemical mineralization of norfloxacin using distinct boron-doped diamond anodes in a filter-press reactor, with investigations of toxicity and oxidation by-products
DAC Coledam, JM Aquino, BF Silva, AJ Silva, RC Rocha-Filho
Electrochimica Acta 213, 856-864, 2016
Enhanced photoabsorption properties of composites of Ti/TiO 2 nanotubes decorated by Sb 2 S 3 and improvement of degradation of hair dye
GG Bessegato, JC Cardoso, BF da Silva, MVB Zanoni
Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology A: Chemistry 276, 96-103, 2014
Voltammetric sensor for simultaneous determination of p-phenylenediamine and resorcinol in permanent hair dyeing and tap water by composite carbon nanotubes/chitosan modified …
FF Hudari, LC de Almeida, BF da Silva, MVB Zanoni
Microchemical Journal 116, 261-268, 2014
Photoelectrocatalytic/photoelectro-Fenton coupling system using a nanostructured photoanode for the oxidation of a textile dye: Kinetics study and oxidation pathway
LC Almeida, BF Silva, MVB Zanoni
Chemosphere 136, 63-71, 2015
Biosynthesis of phenylpropanoid amides by an endophytic Penicillium brasilianum found in root bark of Melia azedarach.
TP Fill, BF da Silva, E Rodrigues-Fo
Journal of microbiology and biotechnology 20 (3), 622-629, 2010
Quantifying the contribution of dyes to the mutagenicity of waters under the influence of textile activities
FI Vacchi, JA de Souza Vendemiatti, BF da Silva, MVB Zanoni, ...
Science of The Total Environment 601, 230-236, 2017
Occurrence and risk assessment of an azo dye - The case of Disperse Red 1.
Chemosphere (Oxford) 156, 95-100, 2016
On the performance of a hybrid process to mineralize the herbicide tebuthiuron using a DSA® anode and UVC light: A mechanistic study
IJS Montes, BF Silva, JM Aquino
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 200, 237-245, 2017
Chemo-promiscuity of alcohol dehydrogenases: reduction of phenylacetaldoxime to the alcohol
B Ferreira-Silva, I Lavandera, A Kern, K Faber, W Kroutil
Tetrahedron 66 (19), 3410-3414, 2010
Combined photoelectrocatalytic/electro-Fenton process using a Pt/TiO2NTs photoanode for enhanced degradation of an azo dye: A mechanistic study
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 734, 43-52, 2014
Electrochemical mineralization of cephalexin using a conductive diamond anode: A mechanistic and toxicity investigation
DAC Coledam, MMS Pupo, BF Silva, AJ Silva, KIB Eguiluz, ...
Chemosphere 168, 638-647, 2017
Hydrogen production and simultaneous photoelectrocatalytic pollutant oxidation using a TiO2/WO3 nanostructured photoanode under visible light irradiation
TT Guaraldo, VR Gonçales, BF Silva, SIC de Torresi, MVB Zanoni
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 765, 188-196, 2016
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