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Soybean (Glycine max) allergy in Europe: Gly m 5 (β-conglycinin) and Gly m 6 (glycinin) are potential diagnostic markers for severe allergic reactions to soy
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Lipid-transfer protein is the major maize allergen maintaining IgE-binding activity after cooking at 100 C, as demonstrated in anaphylactic patients and patients with positive …
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Screening the allergenic repertoires of wheat and maize with sera from double‐blind, placebo‐controlled food challenge positive patients
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Introducing chemists to food allergy
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Pru p 3-sensitised Italian peach-allergic patients are less likely to develop severe symptoms when also presenting IgE antibodies to Pru p 1 and Pru p 4
EA Pastorello, L Farioli, V Pravettoni, J Scibilia, A Mascheri, L Borgonovo, ...
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Maize food allergy: lipid-transfer proteins, endochitinases, and alpha-zein precursor are relevant maize allergens in double-blind placebo-controlled maize-challenge-positive …
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Mite-induced asthma and IgE levels to shrimp, mite, tropomyosin, arginine kinase, and Der p 10 are the most relevant risk factors for challenge-proven shrimp allergy
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International Archives of Allergy and Immunology 174 (3-4), 133-143, 2017
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