Martin Wünsche
Martin Wünsche
Institut für Optik und Quantenelektronik, Universität Jena
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Perfect X-ray focusing via fitting corrective glasses to aberrated optics
F Seiboth, A Schropp, M Scholz, F Wittwer, C Rödel, M Wünsche, ...
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Interference carpets in above-threshold ionization: from the Coulomb-free to the Coulomb-dominated regime
PA Korneev, SV Popruzhenko, SP Goreslavski, TM Yan, D Bauer, ...
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Note: A large aperture four-mirror reflective wave-plate for high-intensity short-pulse laser experiments
B Aurand, C Rödel, H Zhao, S Kuschel, M Wünsche, O Jäckel, M Heyer, ...
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Quasi-supercontinuum source in the extreme ultraviolet using multiple frequency combs from high-harmonic generation
M Wünsche, S Fuchs, S Aull, J Nathanael, M Möller, C Rödel, GG Paulus
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New design of a multi-jet target for quasi phase matching
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Aberration correction for hard x-ray focusing at the nanoscale
F Seiboth, A Schropp, M Scholz, F Wittwer, C Rödel, M Wünsche, ...
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S Fuchs, F Wiesner, M Wünsche, J Nathanael, JJ Abel, J Reinhard, ...
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XUV coherence tomography: a novel approach to nanoscale 3D imaging (Conference Presentation)
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X-Ray Nanoimaging: Instruments and Methods IV 11112, 111120U, 2019
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