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Efficient algorithms for scheduling semiconductor burn-in operations
CY Lee, R Uzsoy, LA Martin-Vega
Operations Research 40 (4), 764-775, 1992
Size effects in gas-phase photo-oxidation of trichloroethylene using nanometer-sized TiO2 catalysts
AJ Maira, KL Yeung, CY Lee, PL Yue, CK Chan
Journal of Catalysis 192 (1), 185-196, 2000
Selective adsorbents from ordered mesoporous silica
KY Ho, G McKay, KL Yeung
Langmuir 19 (7), 3019-3024, 2003
Fourier transform infrared study of the performance of nanostructured TiO2 particles for the photocatalytic oxidation of gaseous toluene
AJ Maira, JM Coronado, V Augugliaro, KL Yeung, JC Conesa, J Soria
Journal of Catalysis 202 (2), 413-420, 2001
Gas-phase photo-oxidation of toluene using nanometer-size TiO2 catalysts
AJ Maira, KL Yeung, J Soria, JM Coronado, C Belver, CY Lee, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 29 (4), 327-336, 2001
Selective removal of chromium from different aqueous systems using magnetic MCM-41 nanosorbents
X Chen, KF Lam, KL Yeung
Chemical Engineering Journal 172 (2-3), 728-734, 2011
EPR Study of the Surface Characteristics of Nanostructured TiO2 under UV Irradiation
JM Coronado, AJ Maira, JC Conesa, KL Yeung, V Augugliaro, J Soria
Langmuir 17 (17), 5368-5374, 2001
Synthesis and characterization of ZIF-8@ SiO2@ Fe3O4 core@ double-shell microspheres with noble metal nanoparticles sandwiched between two shell layers
T Zhang, L Lin, X Zhang, H Liu, X Yan, J Qiu, KL Yeung
Materials Letters 148, 17-21, 2015
An investigation of Knoevenagel condensation reaction in microreactors using a new zeolite catalyst
X Zhang, ESM Lai, R Martin-Aranda, KL Yeung
Applied Catalysis A: General 261 (1), 109-118, 2004
Design of multimaterial compliant mechanisms using level-set methods
MY Wang, S Chen, X Wang, Y Mei
Synthesis of Fe3O4@ ZIF-8 magnetic core–shell microspheres and their potential application in a capillary microreactor
T Zhang, X Zhang, X Yan, L Kong, G Zhang, H Liu, J Qiu, KL Yeung
Chemical engineering journal 228, 398-404, 2013
The influence of surface properties on the photocatalytic activity of nanostructured TiO2
KL Yeung, ST Yau, AJ Maira, JM Coronado, J Soria, PL Yue
Journal of catalysis 219 (1), 107-116, 2003
Design and fabrication of zeolite-based microreactors and membrane microseparators
YSS Wan, JLH Chau, A Gavriilidis, KL Yeung
Microporous and mesoporous materials 42 (2-3), 157-175, 2001
Preparation and application of zeolite/ceramic microfiltration membranes for treatment of oil contaminated water
J Cui, X Zhang, H Liu, S Liu, KL Yeung
Journal of Membrane Science 325 (1), 420-426, 2008
A meta-analysis on dose–response relationship between night shift work and the risk of breast cancer
F Wang, KL Yeung, WC Chan, CCH Kwok, SL Leung, C Wu, EYY Chan, ...
Annals of oncology 24 (11), 2724-2732, 2013
Direct observation of growth of lamellae and spherulites of a semicrystalline polymer by AFM
L Li, CM Chan, KL Yeung, JX Li, KM Ng, Y Lei
Macromolecules 34 (2), 316-325, 2001
Palladium–silver composite membranes by electroless plating technique
YS Cheng, KL Yeung
Journal of Membrane Science 158 (1-2), 127-141, 1999
Efficient Approach for Cd2+ and Ni2+ Removal and Recovery Using Mesoporous Adsorbent with Tunable Selectivity
KF Lam, KL Yeung, G Mckay
Environmental science & technology 41 (9), 3329-3334, 2007
Synthesis of highly selective magnetic mesoporous adsorbent
X Chen, KF Lam, Q Zhang, B Pan, M Arruebo, KL Yeung
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 113 (22), 9804-9813, 2009
Palladium composite membranes by electroless plating technique: relationships between plating kinetics, film microstructure and membrane performance
KL Yeung, SC Christiansen, A Varma
Journal of Membrane Science 159 (1-2), 107-122, 1999
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