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Iñigo Garbayo
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Electrical characterization of thermomechanically stable YSZ membranes for micro solid oxide fuel cells applications
I Garbayo, A Tarancón, J Santiso, F Peiró, E Alarcón-LLadó, A Cavallaro, ...
Solid State Ionics 181 (5-7), 322-331, 2010
Full ceramic micro solid oxide fuel cells: towards more reliable MEMS power generators operating at high temperatures
I Garbayo, D Pla, A Morata, L Fonseca, N Sabaté, A Tarancón
Energy & Environmental Science 7 (11), 3617-3629, 2014
Porous La 0.6 Sr 0.4 CoO 3− δ thin film cathodes for large area micro solid oxide fuel cell power generators
I Garbayo, V Esposito, S Sanna, A Morata, D Pla, L Fonseca, N Sabaté, ...
Journal of Power Sources 248, 1042-1049, 2014
Pinhole-free YSZ self-supported membranes for micro solid oxide fuel cell applications
I Garbayo, G Dezanneau, C Bogicevic, J Santiso, I Gràcia, N Sabaté, ...
Solid State Ionics 216, 64-68, 2012
On the chemical stability of post-lithiated garnet Al-stabilized Li 7 La 3 Zr 2 O 12 solid state electrolyte thin films
M Rawlence, I Garbayo, S Buecheler, JLM Rupp
Nanoscale 8 (31), 14746-14753, 2016
Residual stress of free-standing membranes of yttria-stabilized zirconia for micro solid oxide fuel cell applications
A Tarancón, N Sabaté, A Cavallaro, I Gràcia, J Roqueta, I Garbayo, ...
Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology 10 (2), 1327-1337, 2010
Glass‐Type Polyamorphism in Li‐Garnet Thin Film Solid State Battery Conductors
I Garbayo, M Struzik, WJ Bowman, R Pfenninger, E Stilp, JLM Rupp
Advanced Energy Materials, 2018
Is it possible to design a portable power generator based on micro-solid oxide fuel cells? A finite volume analysis
D Pla, A Sánchez-González, I Garbayo, M Salleras, A Morata, A Tarancón
Journal of Power Sources 293, 264-273, 2015
Lithium Titanate Anode Thin Films for Li‐Ion Solid State Battery Based on Garnets
R Pfenninger, S Afyon, I Garbayo, M Struzik, JLM Rupp
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (21), 1800879, 2018
Engineering mass transport properties in oxide ionic and mixed ionic-electronic thin film ceramic conductors for energy applications
I Garbayo, F Baiutti, A Morata, A Tarancon
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 39 (2-3), 101-114, 2019
A Simple and Fast Electrochemical CO2 Sensor Based on Li7La3Zr2O12 for Environmental Monitoring
M Struzik, I Garbayo, R Pfenninger, JLM Rupp
Advanced Materials 30 (44), 1804098, 2018
Solid-oxide fuel cells
V Esposito, I Garbayo, S Linderoth, N Pryds
Epitaxial Growth of Complex Metal Oxides, 443-478, 2015
Unveiling the Outstanding Oxygen Mass Transport Properties of Mn-Rich Perovskites in Grain Boundary-Dominated La0. 8Sr0. 2 (Mn1–x Co x) 0.85 O3±δ Nanostructures
AM Saranya, A Morata, D Pla, M Burriel, F Chiabrera, I Garbayo, A Hornés, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (16), 5621-5629, 2018
Micro-solid state energy conversion membranes: influence of doping and strain on oxygen ion transport and near order for electrolytes
Y Shi, I Garbayo, P Muralt, JLM Rupp
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (8), 3900-3908, 2017
Standalone ethanol micro-reformer integrated on silicon technology for onboard production of hydrogen-rich gas
D Pla, M Salleras, A Morata, I Garbayo, M Gerbolés, N Sabaté, NJ Divins, ...
Lab on a Chip 16 (15), 2900-2910, 2016
Engineering transport in manganites by tuning local nonstoichiometry in grain boundaries
F Chiabrera, I Garbayo, L López‐Conesa, G Martín, A Ruiz‐Caridad, ...
Advanced Materials 31 (4), 1805360, 2019
Grain Boundary Engineering to Improve Ionic Conduction in Thin Films for Micro-SOFCs
A Tarancón, A Morata, D Pla, AM Saranya, F Chiabrera, I Garbayo, ...
ECS Transactions 69 (16), 11-16, 2015
Fully Integrated Lambda Sensor Based on Micromachined Platforms and Ytria Stabilized Zirconia Thin Membranes for Oxygen Measurement
I Garbayo, A Morata, D Pla, M Salleras, N Sabate, A Tarancón, ...
Procedia Engineering 87, 927-930, 2014
Fabrication and characterization of yttria-stabilized zirconia membranes for micro solid oxide fuel cells
Í Garbayo, A Tarancón, J Santiso, A Cavallaro, J Roqueta, G Garcia, ...
Proc. of SPIE Vol 7362, 73621B-1, 2009
Monolithic micro fuel cells as integrated power sources in MEMS
N Torres-Herrero, J Santander, N Sabate, JP Esquivel, A Tarancon, ...
Electron Devices, 2009. CDE 2009. Spanish Conference on, 412-415, 2009
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