Simon Gröblacher
Simon Gröblacher
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Laser cooling of a nanomechanical oscillator into its quantum ground state
J Chan, TPM Alegre, AH Safavi-Naeini, JT Hill, A Krause, S Gröblacher, ...
Nature 478 (7367), 89-92, 2011
Observation of strong coupling between a micromechanical resonator and an optical cavity field
S Gröblacher, K Hammerer, MR Vanner, M Aspelmeyer
Nature 460 (7256), 724-727, 2009
An experimental test of non-local realism
S Gröblacher, T Paterek, R Kaltenbaek, Č Brukner, M Żukowski, ...
Nature 446 (7138), 871-875, 2007
Squeezed light from a silicon micromechanical resonator
AH Safavi-Naeini, S Gröblacher, JT Hill, J Chan, M Aspelmeyer, O Painter
Nature 500 (7461), 185-189, 2013
Experimental quantum cryptography with qutrits
S Gröblacher, T Jennewein, A Vaziri, G Weihs, A Zeilinger
New Journal of Physics 8 (5), 75, 2006
Demonstration of an ultracold micro-optomechanical oscillator in a cryogenic cavity
S Gröblacher, JB Hertzberg, MR Vanner, GD Cole, S Gigan, KC Schwab, ...
Nature Physics 5 (7), 485-488, 2009
Quantum optomechanics—throwing a glance
M Aspelmeyer, S Gröblacher, K Hammerer, N Kiesel
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Non-classical correlations between single photons and phonons from a mechanical oscillator
R Riedinger, S Hong, RA Norte, JA Slater, J Shang, AG Krause, V Anant, ...
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Remote quantum entanglement between two micromechanical oscillators
R Riedinger, A Wallucks, I Marinković, C Löschnauer, M Aspelmeyer, ...
Nature 556 (7702), 473-477, 2018
Mechanical resonators for quantum optomechanics experiments at room temperature
RA Norte, JP Moura, S Gröblacher
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Two-dimensional phononic-photonic band gap optomechanical crystal cavity
AH Safavi-Naeini, JT Hill, S Meenehan, J Chan, S Gröblacher, O Painter
Physical Review Letters 112 (15), 153603, 2014
Hanbury Brown and Twiss interferometry of single phonons from an optomechanical resonator
S Hong, R Riedinger, I Marinković, A Wallucks, SG Hofer, RA Norte, ...
Science 358 (6360), 203-206, 2017
Phonon counting and intensity interferometry of a nanomechanical resonator
JD Cohen, SM Meenehan, GS MacCabe, S Gröblacher, AH Safavi-Naeini, ...
Nature 520 (7548), 522-525, 2015
Experimental test of nonlocal realistic theories without the rotational symmetry assumption
T Paterek, A Fedrizzi, S Gröblacher, T Jennewein, M Żukowski, ...
Physical Review Letters 99 (21), 210406, 2007
Observation of non-Markovian micromechanical Brownian motion
S Groeblacher, A Trubarov, N Prigge, GD Cole, M Aspelmeyer, J Eisert
Nature Commun. 6, 7606, 2015
Silicon optomechanical crystal resonator at millikelvin temperatures
SM Meenehan, JD Cohen, S Gröblacher, JT Hill, AH Safavi-Naeini, ...
Physical Review A 90 (1), 011803, 2014
Laser noise in cavity-optomechanical cooling and thermometry
AH Safavi-Naeini, J Chan, JT Hill, S Gröblacher, H Miao, Y Chen, ...
New Journal of Physics 15 (3), 035007, 2013
Monocrystalline heterostructures for high-reflectivity high- micromechanical resonators in the megahertz regime
GD Cole, S Gröblacher, K Gugler, S Gigan, M Aspelmeyer
Applied Physics Letters 92 (26), 261108, 2008
Highly efficient coupling from an optical fiber to a nanoscale silicon optomechanical cavity
S Gröblacher, JT Hill, AH Safavi-Naeini, J Chan, O Painter
Applied Physics Letters 103 (18), 181104, 2013
Optomechanical bell test
I Marinković, A Wallucks, R Riedinger, S Hong, M Aspelmeyer, ...
Physical review letters 121 (22), 220404, 2018
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