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Kamil Konowalik
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Detecting reticulate relationships among diploid Leucanthemum Mill.(Compositae, Anthemideae) taxa using multilocus species tree reconstruction methods and AFLP fingerprinting
K Konowalik, F Wagner, S Tomasello, R Vogt, C Oberprieler
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 92, 308-328, 2015
Niche Conservatism and Future Changes in the Potential Area Coverage of Arundina graminifolia, an Invasive Orchid Species from Southeast Asia
M Kolanowska, K Konowalik
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Filling of eco-climatological niches in a polyploid complex–A case study in the plant genus Leucanthemum Mill.(Compositae, Anthemideae) from the Iberian Peninsula
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Flora-Morphology, Distribution, Functional Ecology of Plants 207 (12), 862-867, 2012
Morphological and anatomical characteristics of Artemisia absinthium var. absinthium and its Polish endemic variety A. absinthium var. calcigena
K Konowalik, A Kreitschitz
Plant systematics and evolution 298 (7), 1325-1336, 2012
The reticulate evolutionary history of the polyploid NW Iberian Leucanthemum pluriflorum clan (Compositae, Anthemideae) as inferred from nrDNA ETS sequence diversity and eco …
C Oberprieler, R Greiner, K Konowalik, R Vogt
Molecular phylogenetics and evolution 70, 478-491, 2014
Polyploid speciation across a suture zone: phylogeography and species delimitation in S French Leucanthemum Mill. representatives (Compositae–Anthemideae)
C Oberprieler, K Konowalik, A Fackelmann, R Vogt
Plant systematics and evolution 304 (9), 1141-1155, 2018
Evolution of the climatic tolerance and postglacial range changes of the most primitive orchids (Apostasioideae) within Sundaland, Wallacea and Sahul
M Kolanowska, K Mystkowska, M Kras, M Dudek, K Konowalik
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Karyological analysis reveals two new polyploid marguerite taxa (Leucanthemum, Compositae–Anthemideae) in S France and NW Italy
R Vogt, K Konowalik, C Oberprieler
Willdenowia 48 (2), 221-227, 2018
Phylogenetic climatic niche conservatism and evolution of climatic suitability in Neotropical Angraecinae (Vandeae, Orchidaceae) and their closest African relatives
M Kolanowska, E Grochocka, K Konowalik
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Cytogenetic characterisation of Artemisia absinthium (Asteraceae, Anthemideae) and its Polish endemic var. calcigena
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Annales Botanici Fennici, 477-488, 2010
A permutation approach for inferring species networks from gene trees in polyploid complexes by minimising deep coalescences
C Oberprieler, F Wagner, S Tomasello, K Konowalik
Methods in Ecology and Evolution 8 (7), 835-849, 2017
Ploidy level in the genus Leucanthemum correlates with resistance to a specialist herbivore
S Stutz, HL Hinz, K Konowalik, H Müller‐Schärer, C Oberprieler, ...
Ecosphere 7 (9), e01460, 2016
Climatic niche of Selinum alatum (Apiaceae, Selineae), a new invasive plant species in Central Europe and its alterations according to the climate change scenarios: Are the …
K Konowalik, M Proćków, J Proćków
PloS one 12 (8), e0182793, 2017
Amphibians in an urban environment: a case study from a central European city (Wrocław, Poland)
A Konowalik, A Najbar, K Konowalik, Ł Dylewski, M Frydlewicz, P Kisiel, ...
Urban Ecosystems, 1-9, 2019
Contrasting effects of climate change on the European and global potential distributions of two Mediterranean helicoid terrestrial gastropods
M Proćków, K Konowalik, J Proćków
Regional Environmental Change, 1-14, 2019
Płazy miasta Wrocławia–zagrożenia i zalecenia ochronne
A Najbar, A Konowalik, M Frydlewicz, P Kisiel, K Kolenda, K Konowalik, ...
Chrońmy Przyrodę Ojczystą 75 (2), 2019
Climatic niche shift and possible future spread of the invasive South African Orchid Disa bracteata in Australia and adjacent areas
K Konowalik, M Kolanowska
PeerJ 6, e6107, 2018
Reconstructing reticulate relationships in the polyploid complex of Leucanthemum Mill.(Compositae, Anthemideae)
K Konowalik
Is Artemisia absinthium var. calcigena a well defined endemic taxon? Morphological, anatomical and cytogenetic characteristics of Artemisia absinthium var. absinthium and var …
K Konowalik, S Garcia, J Pellicer, A Kreitschitz, J Valles
Acta Biologica Cracoviensia. Series Botanica. Supplement 51 (2), 2009
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