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SEVA 2.0: an update of the Standard European Vector Architecture for de-/re-construction of bacterial functionalities
E Martínez-García, T Aparicio, A Goñi-Moreno, S Fraile, V de Lorenzo
Nucleic acids research 43 (D1), D1183-D1189, 2015
SEVA 3.0: an update of the Standard European Vector Architecture for enabling portability of genetic constructs among diverse bacterial hosts
E Martínez-García, A Goni-Moreno, B Bartley, J McLaughlin, ...
Nucleic acids research 48 (D1), D1164-D1170, 2020
SynBioHub: a standards-enabled design repository for synthetic biology
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Pathways to cellular supremacy in biocomputing
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The glycerol-dependent metabolic persistence of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 reflects the regulatory logic of the GlpR repressor
PI Nikel, FJ Romero-Campero, JA Zeidman, Á Goñi-Moreno, ...
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Multicellular computing using conjugation for wiring
A Goñi-Moreno, M Amos, F de la Cruz
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Cell differentiation defines acute and chronic infection cell types in Staphylococcus aureus
JC García-Betancur, A Goni-Moreno, T Horger, M Schott, M Sharan, ...
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A reconfigurable NAND/NOR genetic logic gate
A Goñi-Moreno, M Amos
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The long journey towards standards for engineering biosystems: Are the Molecular Biology and the Biotech communities ready to standardise?
J Beal, A Goñi‐Moreno, C Myers, A Hecht, MC de Vicente, M Parco, ...
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High-performance biocomputing in synthetic biology–integrated transcriptional and metabolic circuits
A Goñi-Moreno, PI Nikel
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Digitalizing heterologous gene expression in Gram‐negative bacteria with a portable ON/OFF module
B Calles, Á Goñi‐Moreno, V de Lorenzo
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Deconvolution of gene expression noise into spatial dynamics of transcription factor–promoter interplay
Á Goñi-Moreno, I Benedetti, J Kim, V de Lorenzo
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Contextual dependencies expand the re-usability of genetic inverters
H Tas, L Grozinger, R Stoof, V de Lorenzo, Á Goñi-Moreno
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A metabolic widget adjusts the phosphoenolpyruvate-dependent fructose influx in Pseudomonas putida
M Chavarría, Á Goñi-Moreno, V de Lorenzo, PI Nikel
Msystems 1 (6), 10.1128/msystems. 00154-16, 2016
Enabling the advanced bioeconomy through public policy supporting biofoundries and engineering biology
R Kitney, M Adeogun, Y Fujishima, Á Goñi-Moreno, R Johnson, M Maxon, ...
Trends in biotechnology 37 (9), 917-920, 2019
Synthetic biology open language (SBOL) version 2.3
C Madsen, A Goñi Moreno, U P, Z Palchick, N Roehner, C Atallah, ...
Journal of integrative bioinformatics 16 (2), 20190025, 2019
Communicating structure and function in synthetic biology diagrams
J Beal, T Nguyen, TE Gorochowski, A Goni-Moreno, J Scott-Brown, ...
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An implementation-focused bio/algorithmic workflow for synthetic biology
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Biocircuit design through engineering bacterial logic gates
A Goni-Moreno, M Redondo-Nieto, F Arroyo, J Castellanos
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Cellular computing and synthetic biology
M Amos, A Goñi-Moreno
Computational matter, 93-110, 2018
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