Sayandip Mukherjee
Sayandip Mukherjee
Unilever Research & Development Centre, Bangalore
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Valproic acid confers functional pluripotency to human amniotic fluid stem cells in a transgene-free approach
D Moschidou, S Mukherjee, MP Blundell, K Drews, GN Jones, ...
Molecular Therapy 20 (10), 1953-1967, 2012
Gene therapy for PIDs: progress, pitfalls and prospects
S Mukherjee, AJ Thrasher
Gene 525 (2), 174-181, 2013
Nonintegrating lentivector vaccines stimulate prolonged T-cell and antibody responses and are effective in tumor therapy
K Karwacz, S Mukherjee, L Apolonia, MP Blundell, G Bouma, D Escors, ...
Journal of virology 83 (7), 3094-3103, 2009
Brief report: self‐organizing neuroepithelium from human pluripotent stem cells facilitates derivation of photoreceptors
C Boucherie, S Mukherjee, E Henckaerts, AJ Thrasher, JC Sowden, ...
Stem cells 31 (2), 408-414, 2013
Human mid-trimester amniotic fluid stem cells cultured under embryonic stem cell conditions with valproic acid acquire pluripotent characteristics
D Moschidou, S Mukherjee, MP Blundell, GN Jones, AJ Atala, ...
Stem cells and development 22 (3), 444-458, 2012
Lentivirus-mediated reprogramming of somatic cells in the absence of transgenic transcription factors
NM Kane, A Nowrouzi, S Mukherjee, MP Blundell, JA Greig, WK Lee, ...
Molecular Therapy 18 (12), 2139-2145, 2010
High Plasticity of Pediatric Adipose Tissue‐Derived Stem Cells: Too Much for Selective Skeletogenic Differentiation?
L Guasti, W Prasongchean, G Kleftouris, S Mukherjee, AJ Thrasher, ...
Stem cells translational medicine 1 (5), 384-395, 2012
High rate of genetic recombination in murine leukemia virus: implications for influencing proviral ploidy
J Zhuang, S Mukherjee, Y Ron, JP Dougherty
Journal of virology 80 (13), 6706-6711, 2006
Glucan from hot aqueous extract of an ectomycorrhizal edible mushroom, Russula albonigra (Krombh.) Fr.: structural characterization and study of immunoenhancing properties
AK Nandi, IK Sen, S Samanta, K Maity, KSP Devi, S Mukherjee, TK Maiti, ...
Carbohydrate research 363, 43-50, 2012
A glucan from an ectomycorrhizal edible mushroom Tricholoma crassum (Berk.) Sacc.: Isolation, characterization, and biological studies
S Samanta, K Maity, AK Nandi, IK Sen, KSP Devi, S Mukherjee, TK Maiti, ...
Carbohydrate research 367, 33-40, 2013
Generation of functional neutrophils from a mouse model of X-linked chronic granulomatous disorder using induced pluripotent stem cells
S Mukherjee, G Santilli, MP Blundell, S Navarro, JA Bueren, AJ Thrasher
PLoS One 6 (3), e17565, 2011
Functional human artificial chromosomes are generated and stably maintained in human embryonic stem cells
MA Mandegar, D Moralli, S Khoja, S Cowley, DYL Chan, M Yusuf, ...
Human molecular genetics 20 (15), 2905-2913, 2011
A HIV-2-based self-inactivating vector for enhanced gene transduction
S Mukherjee, HLR Lee, AL Pacchia, Y Ron, JP Dougherty
Journal of biotechnology 127 (4), 745-757, 2007
iPSCs: Unstable origins?
S Mukherjee, AJ Thrasher
Molecular Therapy 19 (7), 1188-1190, 2011
Trisomy 21 Mid-Trimester Amniotic Fluid Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Maintain Genetic Signatures During Reprogramming: Implications for Disease Modeling and Cryobanking.
DCP Pipino C1, Mukherjee S, David AL, Blundell MP, Shaw SW, Sung P ...
Cellular Reprogramming, 2014
Proviral progeny of heterodimeric virions reveal a high crossover rate for human immunodeficiency virus type 2
S Mukherjee, HLR Lee, Y Ron, JP Dougherty
Journal of virology 80 (24), 12402-12407, 2006
Emerging Neuronal Precursors from Amniotic Fluid–Derived Down Syndrome Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells
S Mukherjee, C Pipino, AL David, P DeCoppi, AJ Thrasher
Human gene therapy 25 (8), 682-683, 2014
Forecasting the future of cardiovascular disease in the United States: a policy statement from the American Heart Association.
EJ Benjamin, SS Virani, CW Callaway, AM Chamberlain, AR Chang, ...
Circulation 137 (12), e67-e492, 2018
Edible vaccines from GM crops: current status and future scope
V Doshi, H Rawal, S Mukherjee
Journal of Pharmaceutical and Scientific Innovation 2 (3), 1-6, 2013
Progress and prospects: advancements in retroviral vector design, generation, and application
S Mukherjee, AJ Thrasher
Human gene therapy 22 (10), 1171-1174, 2011
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