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Luminescent properties of Eu3+-activated lithium rare earth borates and oxyborates
V Jubera, JP Chaminade, A Garcia, F Guillen, C Fouassier
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ML Kahn, T Cardinal, B Bousquet, M Monge, V Jubera, B Chaudret
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JP Chaminade, P Gravereau, V Jubera, C Fouassier
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Three‐Dimensional Open‐Frameworks Based on LnIII Ions and Open‐/Closed‐Shell PTM Ligands: Synthesis, Structure, Luminescence, and Magnetic Properties
A Datcu, N Roques, V Jubera, I Imaz, D Maspoch, JP Sutter, C Rovira, ...
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Luminescence properties of tungstates and molybdates phosphors: Illustration on ALn(MO4)2 compounds (A = alikaline cation, Ln = lanthanides, M = W, Mo)
B Glorieux, V Jubera, A Apheceixborde, A Garcia
Solid State Sciences 13 (2), 460-467, 2011
Europium‐Doped Mesoporous Titania Thin Films: Rare‐Earth Locations and Emission Fluctuations under Illumination
CM Leroy, T Cardinal, V Jubera, M Treguer‐Delapierre, J Majimel, ...
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Three‐Dimensional Porous Metal–Radical Frameworks Based on Triphenylmethyl Radicals
A Datcu, N Roques, V Jubera, D Maspoch, X Fontrodona, K Wurst, I Imaz, ...
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Lithium ion as growth-controlling agent of ZnO nanoparticles prepared by organometallic synthesis
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Screen-printed phosphor coatings for white LED emission
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P Veber, M Velázquez, V Jubera, S Péchev, O Viraphong
CrystEngComm 13 (16), 5220-5225, 2011
Yb3+ and Yb3+–Eu3+ luminescent properties of the Li2Lu5O4 (BO3) 3 phase
V Jubera, A Garcia, JP Chaminade, F Guillen, J Sablayrolles, C Fouassier
Journal of luminescence 124 (1), 10-14, 2007
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