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Diego Sanchez
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Apolipoprotein D is involved in the mechanisms regulating protection from oxidative stress
MD Ganfornina, S Do Carmo, JM Lora, S Torres‐Schumann, M Vogel, ...
Aging cell 7 (4), 506-515, 2008
Loss of Glial Lazarillo, a Homolog of Apolipoprotein D, Reduces Lifespan and Stress Resistance in Drosophila
D Sanchez, B López-Arias, L Torroja, I Canal, X Wang, MJ Bastiani, ...
Current Biology 16 (7), 680-686, 2006
Generation of evolutionary novelty by functional shift
MD Ganfornina, D Sánchez
Bioessays 21 (5), 432-439, 1999
Control of metabolic homeostasis by stress signaling is mediated by the lipocalin NLaz
J Hull-Thompson, J Muffat, D Sanchez, DW Walker, S Benzer, ...
PLoS genetics 5 (4), e1000460, 2009
Exon-intron structure and evolution of the Lipocalin gene family
D Sánchez, MD Ganfornina, G Gutiérrez, A Marín
Molecular biology and evolution 20 (5), 775-783, 2003
A reanalysis of the ancient mitochondrial DNA sequences recovered from Neandertal bones
G Gutiérrez, D Sánchez, A Marin
Molecular Biology and Evolution 19 (8), 1359-1366, 2002
Molecular identification of Kvα subunits that contribute to the oxygen‐sensitive K+ current of chemoreceptor cells of the rabbit carotid body
D Sanchez, JR López‐López, MT Pérez‐García, G Sanz‐Alfayate, ...
The Journal of physiology 542 (2), 369-382, 2002
Lazarillo, a new GPI-linked surface lipocalin, is restricted to a subset of neurons in the grasshopper embryo
MD Ganfornina, D Sánchez, MJ Bastiani
Development 121 (1), 123-134, 1995
Altered lipid metabolism in a Drosophila model of Friedreich's ataxia
JA Navarro, E Ohmann, D Sanchez, JA Botella, G Liebisch, MD Moltó, ...
Human Molecular Genetics 19 (14), 2828-2840, 2010
Comparison of human RNase 3 and RNase 7 bactericidal action at the Gram‐negative and Gram‐positive bacterial cell wall
M Torrent, M Badia, M Moussaoui, D Sanchez, MV Nogués, E Boix
The FEBS journal 277 (7), 1713-1725, 2010
Characterization of two novel lipocalins expressed in the Drosophila embryonic nervous system
D Sánchez, MD Ganfornina, S Torres-Schumann, SD Speese, ...
Universidad del País Vasco, 2000
Molecular characterization and phylogenetic relationships of a protein with potential oxygen-binding capabilities in the grasshopper embryo. A hemocyanin in insects?
D Sánchez, MD Ganfornina, G Gutiérrez, MJ Bastiani
Molecular biology and evolution 15 (4), 415-426, 1998
Evolution of the lipocalin family as inferred from a protein sequence phylogeny
G Gutiérrez, MD Ganfornina, D Sánchez
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Protein Structure and Molecular …, 2000
Molecular evolution of epididymal lipocalin genes localized on mouse chromosome 2
K Suzuki, JJ Lareyre, D Sánchez, G Gutierrez, Y Araki, RJ Matusik, ...
Gene 339, 49-59, 2004
Developmental expression of the lipocalin Lazarillo and its role in axonal pathfinding in the grasshopper embryo
D Sánchez, MD Ganfornina, MJ Bastiani
Development 121 (1), 135-147, 1995
ApoD, a glia‐derived apolipoprotein, is required for peripheral nerve functional integrity and a timely response to injury
MD Ganfornina, S Do Carmo, E Martínez, J Tolivia, A Navarro, E Rassart, ...
Glia 58 (11), 1320-1334, 2010
The antipathogen activities of eosinophil cationic protein
E Boix, M Torrent, D Sánchez, MV Nogues
Current pharmaceutical biotechnology 9 (3), 141-152, 2008
Comparison of the membrane interaction mechanism of two antimicrobial RNases: RNase 3/ECP and RNase 7
M Torrent, D Sánchez, V Buzón, MV Nogués, J Cladera, E Boix
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes 1788 (5), 1116-1125, 2009
Liposomes decorated with Apo2L/TRAIL overcome chemoresistance of human hematologic tumor cells
D De Miguel, G Basáñez, D Sánchez, PG Malo, I Marzo, L Larrad, J Naval, ...
Molecular pharmaceutics 10 (3), 893-904, 2013
Apolipoprotein D mediates autocrine protection of astrocytes and controls their reactivity level, contributing to the functional maintenance of paraquat‐challenged dopaminergic …
R Bajo‐Grañeras, MD Ganfornina, E Martín‐Tejedor, D Sanchez
Glia 59 (10), 1551-1566, 2011
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