Xabier Quintana
Xabier Quintana
Profesor ETSI Telecomunicación, Universidad politécnica de Madrid
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Antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
JM Otón, X Quintana, PL Castillo, A Lara, V Urruchi, N Bennis
Optoelectronics Review, 263-270, 2004
Asymmetric switching of antiferroelectric liquid-crystal cells
JM Otón, JMS Pena, X Quintana, JL Gayo, V Urruchi
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Analytical evaluation of the ratio between injection and space-charge limited currents in single carrier organic diodes
AL Alvarez, B Arredondo, B Romero, X Quintana, A Gutierrez-Llorente, ...
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Addressing waveforms for tristable AFLCs in active matrix displays
X Quintana, JL Gayo, C Rodrigo, V Urruchi, JM Otón
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Electrical response of liquid crystal cells doped with multi-walled carbon nanotubes
A García-García, R Vergaz, JF Algorri, X Quintana, JM Otón
Beilstein journal of nanotechnology 6 (1), 396-403, 2015
On the electrical degradation and green band formation in α-and β-phase poly (9, 9-dioctyfluorene) polymer light-emitting diodes
B Arredondo, B Romero, A Gutiérrez-Llorente, AI Martínez, AL Alvarez, ...
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D Levy, F Del Monte, X Quintana, JM Oton
Journal of Sol-Gel Science and Technology 8 (1-3), 1063-1066, 1997
Security devices based on liquid crystals doped with a colour dye
C Carrasco-Vela, X Quintana, E Otón, M Geday, J Otón
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Measuring liquid crystal anchoring energy strength by spectroscopic ellipsometry
A Marino, V Tkachenko, E Santamato, N Bennis, X Quintana, JM Otón, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 107 (7), 073109, 2010
Ellipsometric study of vertically aligned nematic liquid crystals
A Marino, E Santamato, N Bennis, X Quintana, JM Otón, V Tkachenko, ...
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Video-rate multiplexed driving scheme for passive antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
X Quintana, PL Castillo, JM Otón, N Bennis, A Lara, V Urruchi, ...
Optoelectronics Review, 291-298, 2004
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V Urruchi, JM Otón, C Toscano, JL Gayo, X Quintana, L Sirleto
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Electrical model of organic diodes with field‐dependent carrier mobility in the presence of an electric field at the injection interface
AL Alvarez, B Romero, B Arredondo, X Quintana, R Mallavia, JM Oton
International Journal of Numerical Modelling: Electronic Networks, Devices …, 2010
Influence of electrical operating conditions and active layer thickness on electroluminescence degradation in polyfluorene–phenylene based light emitting diodes
B Romero, B Arredondo, AL Alvarez, R Mallavia, A Salinas, X Quintana, ...
Solid-State Electronics 53 (2), 211-217, 2009
Novel addressing scheme for passive antiferroelectric liquid crystal displays
X Quintana, PL Castillo, J Oton, N Bennis, A Lara, V Urruchi, ...
XV Conference on Liquid Crystals 5565, 290-296, 2004
Non-conventional alignment surfaces for antiferroelectric liquid crystals
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Electrical model for thresholdless antiferroelectric liquid crystal cells
JMS Pena, I Pérez, I Rodríguez, C Vázquez, V Urruchi, X Quintana, ...
Ferroelectrics 271 (1), 149-154, 2002
Flickering and stability in AFLC analog gray scale
C Rodrigo, S Quentel, J Sabater, X Quintana, JM Oton
Ferroelectrics 178 (1), 55-63, 1996
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