Jose M. Fedriani
Jose M. Fedriani
Center for Applied Ecology (CEABN/InBIO), Univ. of Lisbon
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Competition and intraguild predation among three sympatric carnivores
JM Fedriani, TK Fuller, RM Sauvajot, EC York
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JM Fedriani, PJ Rey, JL Garrido, J Guitián, CM Herrera, M Medrano, ...
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V Penteriani, M del Mar Delgado, F Pinchera, J Naves, A Fernández-Gil, ...
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Responses of a top and a meso predator and their prey to moon phases
V Penteriani, A Kuparinen, M del Mar Delgado, F Palomares, ...
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Functional diversity in fruit‐frugivore interactions: a field experiment with Mediterranean mammals
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Genotyping faeces links individuals to their diet
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Spatial pattern of adult trees and the mammal‐generated seed rain in the Iberian pear
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Barriers or corridors? The overlooked role of unpaved roads in endozoochorous seed dispersal
A Suárez‐Esteban, M Delibes, JM Fedriani
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Adaptive advantages of myrmecochory: the predator‐avoidance hypothesis tested over a wide geographic range
AJ Manzaneda, JM Fedriani, PJ Rey
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Thieves or mutualists? Pulp feeders enhance endozoochore local recruitment
JM Fedriani, M Zywiec, M Delibes
Ecology 93 (3), 575-587, 2012
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