Cédric Giraudet
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High-pressure mass transport properties measured by dynamic near-field scattering of non-equilibrium fluctuations
C Giraudet, H Bataller, F Croccolo
The European Physical Journal E 37 (11), 107, 2014
Shadowgraph analysis of non-equilibrium fluctuations for measuring transport properties in microgravity in the GRADFLEX experiment
F Croccolo, C Giraudet, H Bataller, R Cerbino, A Vailati
Microgravity Science and Technology 28 (4), 467-475, 2016
Slowing-down of non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations in confinement
C Giraudet, H Bataller, Y Sun, A Donev, JMO De Zárate, F Croccolo
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 111 (6), 60013, 2015
Liquid Viscosity and Surface Tension of n-Dodecane, n-Octacosane, Their Mixtures, and a Wax between 323 and 573 K by Surface Light Scattering
TM Koller, T Klein, C Giraudet, J Chen, A Kalantar, GP van der Laan, ...
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 62 (10), 3319-3333, 2017
Analysis of non-equilibrium fluctuations in a ternary liquid mixture
H Bataller, C Giraudet, F Croccolo, JMO De Zárate
Microgravity Science and Technology 28 (6), 611-619, 2016
Mass diffusion and thermal diffusivity of the decane-pentane mixture under high pressure as a ground-based study for SCCO project
I Lizarraga, C Giraudet, F Croccolo, MM Bou-Ali, H Bataller
Microgravity Science and Technology 28 (5), 545-552, 2016
Non-equilibrium fluctuations induced by the Soret effect in a ternary mixture
JMO de Zárate, C Giraudet, H Bataller, F Croccolo
The European Physical Journal E 37 (8), 77, 2014
Diffusivities of Ternary Mixtures of n-Alkanes with Dissolved Gases by Dynamic Light Scattering
A Heller, C Giraudet, ZA Makrodimitri, MSH Fleys, J Chen, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120 (41), 10808-10823, 2016
Thermal, Mutual, and Self-Diffusivities of Binary Liquid Mixtures Consisting of Gases Dissolved in n-Alkanes at Infinite Dilution
C Giraudet, T Klein, G Zhao, MH Rausch, TM Koller, AP Fröba
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (12), 3163-3175, 2018
Experimental, theoretical and numerical interpretation of thermodiffusion separation for a non-associating binary mixture in liquid/porous layers
A Ahadi, C Giraudet, H Jawad, F Croccolo, H Bataller, MZ Saghir
International journal of thermal sciences 80, 108-117, 2014
Influence of Liquid Structure on Fickian Diffusion in Binary Mixtures of n-Hexane and Carbon Dioxide Probed by Dynamic Light Scattering, Raman Spectroscopy …
T Klein, W Wu, MH Rausch, C Giraudet, TM Koller, AP Fröba
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 122 (28), 7122-7133, 2018
Thermodiffusion of the tetrahydronaphthalene and dodecane mixture under high pressure and in porous medium
C Giraudet, F Croccolo, G Galliero, G Pijaudier-Cabot, SV Vaerenbergh, ...
Comptes Rendus Mécanique 341 (4), 340-347, 2013
Non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations in superparamagnetic nanocolloids
A Oprisan, A Rice, SA Oprisan, C Giraudet, F Croccolo
The European Physical Journal E 40 (2), 14, 2017
Confinement effect on the dynamics of non-equilibrium concentration fluctuations far from the onset of convection
C Giraudet, H Bataller, Y Sun, A Donev, JMO de Zárate, F Croccolo
The European Physical Journal E 39 (12), 120, 2016
Thermal and mutual diffusivities of fuel-related binary liquid mixtures under pre-combustion conditions
M Piszko, W Wu, S Will, MH Rausch, C Giraudet, AP Fröba
Fuel 242, 562-572, 2019
European Space Agency experiments on thermodiffusion of fluid mixtures in space
M Braibanti, PA Artola, P Baaske, H Bataller, JP Bazile, MM Bou-Ali, ...
The European Physical Journal E 42 (7), 86, 2019
Characterization of Water Solubility in n-Octacosane Using Raman Spectroscopy
C Giraudet, KD Papavasileiou, MH Rausch, J Chen, A Kalantar, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 121 (47), 10665-10673, 2017
Concentration dependent refractive index of CO2/CH4 mixture in gaseous and supercritical phase
C Giraudet, L Marlin, D Bégué, F Croccolo, H Bataller
The Journal of chemical physics 144 (13), 134304, 2016
Simultaneous study of molecular and micelle diffusion in a technical microemulsion system by dynamic light scattering
MSG Knoll, C Giraudet, CJ Hahn, MH Rausch, AP Fröba
Journal of colloid and interface science 544, 144-154, 2019
Translational and rotational diffusion coefficients of gold nanorods dispersed in mixtures of water and glycerol by polarized dynamic light scattering
FE Berger Bioucas, C Damm, W Peukert, MH Rausch, TM Koller, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 123 (44), 9491-9502, 2019
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