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π Aromaticity and three‐dimensional aromaticity: two sides of the same coin?
J Poater, M Solà, C Viñas, F Teixidor
Angewandte Chemie 126 (45), 12387-12391, 2014
Methods to produce B–C, B–P, B–N and B–S bonds in boron clusters
D Olid, R Nunez, C Vinas, F Teixidor
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Icosahedral boron clusters: a perfect tool for the enhancement of polymer features
R Núñez, I Romero, F Teixidor, C Viñas
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Are Methyl Groups Electron-Donating or Electron-Withdrawing in Boron Clusters? Permethylation of o-Carborane
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (29), 10158-10159, 2005
Strikingly Long C···C Distances in 1,2-Disubstituted ortho-Carboranes and Their Dianions
JM Oliva, NL Allan, PR Schleyer, C Viñas, F Teixidor
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Legume consumption is inversely associated with type 2 diabetes incidence in adults: A prospective assessment from the PREDIMED study
N Becerra-Tomás, A Díaz-López, N Rosique-Esteban, E Ros, ...
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Too persistent to give up: Aromaticity in boron clusters survives radical structural changes
J Poater, C Viñas, I Bennour, S Escayola, M Solà, F Teixidor
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Extraordinary Overoxidation resistance increase in self‐doped polypyrroles by using non‐conventional low charge‐density anions
C Masalles, J Llop, C Viñas, F Teixidor
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Mercaptocarborane-capped gold nanoparticles: electron pools and ion traps with switchable hydrophilicity
AM Cioran, AD Musteti, F Teixidor, Z Krpetic, IA Prior, Q He, CJ Kiely, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 134 (1), 212-221, 2012
Dimethoxyethane as a Solvent for the Synthesis of C-Monosubstituted o-Carborane Derivatives
C Vinas, R Benakki, F Teixidor, J Casabo
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Boron-based compounds: potential and emerging applications in medicine
E Hey-Hawkins, CV Teixidor
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Boron clusters: Do they receive the deserved interest?
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The modulating possibilities of dicarbollide clusters: Optimizing the Kharasch catalysts
O Tutusaus, C Viñas, R Núñez, F Teixidor, A Demonceau, S Delfosse, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 125 (39), 11830-11831, 2003
Ru‐Hbpp‐Based Water‐Oxidation Catalysts Anchored on Conducting Solid Supports
J Mola, E Mas‐Marza, X Sala, I Romero, M Rodríguez, C Viñas, T Parella, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 47 (31), 5830-5832, 2008
Chameleonic Capacity of [3,3‘-Co(1,2-C2B9H11)2]- in Coordination. Generation of the Highly Uncommon S(thioether)−Na Bond
F Teixidor, J Pedrajas, I Rojo, C Viñas, R Kivekäs, R Sillanpää, I Sivaev, ...
Organometallics 22 (17), 3414-3423, 2003
Fluorescence of New o‐Carborane Compounds with Different Fluorophores: Can it be Tuned?
A Ferrer‐Ugalde, A González‐Campo, C Vinas, J Rodríguez‐Romero, ...
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Are Low‐Coordinating Anions of Interest as Doping Agents in Organic Conducting Polymers?
C Masalles, S Borrós, C Viñas, F Teixidor
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Hückel's Rule of Aromaticity Categorizes Aromatic closo Boron Hydride Clusters
J Poater, M Solà, C Viñas, F Teixidor
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (22), 7437-7443, 2016
The Distinct Effect of the o‐Carboranyl Fragment: Its Influence on the I−I Distance in R3PI2 Complexes
F Teixidor, R Núñez, C Viñas, R Sillanpää, R Kivekäs
Angewandte Chemie 112 (23), 4460-4462, 2000
Self-Assembly of Mercaptane− Metallacarborane Complexes by an Unconventional Cooperative Effect: A C− H⊙⊙⊙ S− H⊙⊙⊙ H− B Hydrogen/Dihydrogen Bond Interaction
JG Planas, C Viñas, F Teixidor, A Comas-Vives, G Ujaque, A Lledós, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 127 (45), 15976-15982, 2005
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