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María Martinón-Torres
Anthropology UCL, University College London
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The first hominin of Europe
E Carbonell, JMB De Castro, JM Parés, A Pérez-González, ...
Nature 452 (7186), 465, 2008
Neandertal roots: Cranial and chronological evidence from Sima de los Huesos
JL Arsuaga, I Martínez, LJ Arnold, A Aranburu, A Gracia-Téllez, WD Sharp, ...
Science 344 (6190), 1358-1363, 2014
Hominin variability, climatic instability and population demography in Middle Pleistocene Europe
RW Dennell, M Martinon-Torres, JMB de Castro
Quaternary Science Reviews 30 (11-12), 1511-1524, 2011
The earliest unequivocally modern humans in southern China
W Liu, M Martinón-Torres, Y Cai, S Xing, H Tong, S Pei, MJ Sier, X Wu, ...
Nature 526 (7575), 696, 2015
Dental evidence on the hominin dispersals during the Pleistocene
M Martinón-Torres, JMB De Castro, A Gómez-Robles, JL Arsuaga, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 104 (33), 13279-13282, 2007
Hominin lower second premolar morphology: evolutionary inferences through geometric morphometric analysis
M Martinón-Torres, M Bastir, JMB De Castro, A Gómez, S Sarmiento, ...
Journal of human evolution 50 (5), 523-533, 2006
Morphological description and comparison of the dental remains from Atapuerca-Sima de los Huesos site (Spain)
M Martinón-Torres, JMB de Castro, A Gómez-Robles, L Prado-Simón, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 62 (1), 7-58, 2012
The oldest human fossil in Europe, from Orce (Spain)
I Toro-Moyano, B Martínez-Navarro, J Agustí, C Souday, JMB de Castro, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 65 (1), 1-9, 2013
A geometric morphometric analysis of hominin upper first molar shape
A Gómez-Robles, M Martinón-Torres, JMB De Castro, A Margvelashvili, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 53 (3), 272-285, 2007
Dental remains from Dmanisi (Republic of Georgia): morphological analysis and comparative study
M Martinón-Torres, JMB de Castro, A Gómez-Robles, A Margvelashvili, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 55 (2), 249-273, 2008
Geometric morphometric analysis of the crown morphology of the lower first premolar of hominins, with special attention to Pleistocene Homo
A Gomez-Robles, M Martinon-Torres, JMB de Castro, L Prado, ...
Journal of human evolution 55 (4), 627-638, 2008
The Atapuerca sites and their contribution to the knowledge of human evolution in Europe
JM Bermúdez de Castro, M Martinón‐Torres, E Carbonell, S Sarmiento, ...
Evolutionary Anthropology: Issues, News, and Reviews: Issues, News, and …, 2004
A new early Pleistocene hominin mandible from Atapuerca-TD6, Spain
JMB de Castro, A Pérez-González, M Martinón-Torres, A Gómez-Robles, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 55 (4), 729-735, 2008
A new model for the evolution of the human Pleistocene populations of Europe
JMB de Castro, M Martinón-Torres
Quaternary International 295, 102-112, 2013
Paleodemography of the Atapuerca: Sima De Los Huesos Hominin sample: a revision and new approaches to the paleodemography of the European Middle Pleistocene population
JMB de Castro, M Martinon-Torres, M Lozano, S Sarmiento, A Muela
Journal of Anthropological Research 60 (1), 5-26, 2004
Early Pleistocene human mandible from Sima del Elefante (TE) cave site in Sierra de Atapuerca (Spain): a comparative morphological study
JMB de Castro, M Martinón-Torres, A Gómez-Robles, L Prado-Simón, ...
Journal of Human Evolution 61 (1), 12-25, 2011
Discontinuity in the record for hominin occupation in south-western Europe: implications for occupation of the middle latitudes of Europe
K MacDonald, M Martinón-Torres, RW Dennell, JMB de Castro
Quaternary International 271, 84-97, 2012
New immature hominin fossil from European Lower Pleistocene shows the earliest evidence of a modern human dental development pattern
JMB de Castro, M Martinón-Torres, L Prado, A Gómez-Robles, J Rosell, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 107 (26), 11739-11744, 2010
Gran Dolina-TD6 versus Sima de los Huesos dental samples from Atapuerca: evidence of discontinuity in the European Pleistocene population?
JMB de Castro, M Martinón-Torres, S Sarmiento, M Lozano
Journal of Archaeological Science 30 (11), 1421-1428, 2003
Hominin teeth from the early L ate P leistocene site of X ujiayao, N orthern C hina
S Xing, M Martinón‐Torres, JM Bermúdez de Castro, X Wu, W Liu
American journal of physical anthropology 156 (2), 224-240, 2015
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