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Targeting the endocannabinoid system in the treatment of fragile X syndrome
A Busquets-Garcia, M Gomis-González, T Guegan, C Agustín-Pavón, ...
Nature medicine 19 (5), 603-607, 2013
Synthetic zinc finger repressors reduce mutant huntingtin expression in the brain of R6/2 mice
M Garriga-Canut, C Agustín-Pavón, F Herrmann, A Sánchez, M Dierssen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109 (45), E3136-E3145, 2012
Lesions of ventrolateral prefrontal or anterior orbitofrontal cortex in primates heighten negative emotion
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Biological psychiatry 72 (4), 266-272, 2012
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F Martínez-García, J Martínez-Ricós, C Agustín-Pavón, ...
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Brain Structure and Function 222, 895-921, 2017
Deimmunization for gene therapy: host matching of synthetic zinc finger constructs enables long-term mutant Huntingtin repression in mice
C Agustín-Pavón, M Mielcarek, M Garriga-Canut, M Isalan
Molecular Neurodegeneration 11, 1-16, 2016
Distinct patterns of Fos immunoreactivity in striatum and hippocampus induced by different kinds of novelty in mice
A Rinaldi, S Romeo, C Agustín-Pavón, A Oliverio, A Mele
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Wired for motherhood: induction of maternal care but not maternal aggression in virgin female CD1 mice
A Martín-Sánchez, G Valera-Marín, A Hernández-Martínez, E Lanuza, ...
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Focal lesions within the ventral striato-pallidum abolish attraction for male chemosignals in female mice
C Agustín-Pavón, F Martínez-García, E Lanuza
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Extending the socio-sexual brain: arginine-vasopressin immunoreactive circuits in the telencephalon of mice
M Otero-Garcia, A Martin-Sanchez, L Fortes-Marco, J Martínez-Ricós, ...
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Individual differences in behavioral and cardiovascular reactivity to emotive stimuli and their relationship to cognitive flexibility in a primate model of trait anxiety.
Y Shiba, AM Santangelo, K Braesicke, C Agustín-Pavón, G Cockcroft, ...
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Effects of dopaminergic drugs on innate pheromone-mediated reward in female mice: A new case of dopamine-independent" liking."
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Synthetic biology and therapeutic strategies for the degenerating brain: Synthetic biology approaches can transform classical cell and gene therapies, to provide new cures for …
C Agustín‐Pavón, M Isalan
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Autonomic, behavioral, and neural analyses of mild conditioned negative affect in marmosets.
Y Mikheenko, MS Man, K Braesicke, ME Johns, G Hill, C Agustín-Pavón, ...
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Sex versus sweet: opposite effects of opioid drugs on the reward of sucrose and sexual pheromones.
C Agustín-Pavón, J Martínez-Ricós, F Martínez-García, E Lanuza
Behavioral neuroscience 122 (2), 416, 2008
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