Raul Molina
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Heterogeneous photo-Fenton degradation of phenolic aqueous solutions over iron-containing SBA-15 catalyst
F Martínez, G Calleja, JA Melero, R Molina
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 60 (3-4), 181-190, 2005
Nanocomposite Fe2O3/SBA-15: An efficient and stable catalyst for the catalytic wet peroxidation of phenolic aqueous solutions
JA Melero, G Calleja, F Martínez, R Molina, MI Pariente
Chemical Engineering Journal 131 (1-3), 245-256, 2007
Iron species incorporated over different silica supports for the heterogeneous photo-Fenton oxidation of phenol
F Martínez, G Calleja, JA Melero, R Molina
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 70 (1-4), 452-460, 2007
Heterogeneous catalytic wet peroxide oxidation systems for the treatment of an industrial pharmaceutical wastewater
JA Melero, F Martínez, JA Botas, R Molina, MI Pariente
Water research 43 (16), 4010-4018, 2009
Activity and resistance of iron-containing amorphous, zeolitic and mesostructured materials for wet peroxide oxidation of phenol
G Calleja, JA Melero, F Martinez, R Molina
Water Research 39 (9), 1741-1750, 2005
Integrated heterogeneous sono–photo Fenton processes for the degradation of phenolic aqueous solutions
Y Segura, R Molina, F Martinez, JA Melero
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 16 (3), 417-424, 2009
Mineralization of phenol by a heterogeneous ultrasound/Fe-SBA-15/H2O2 process: multivariate study by factorial design of experiments
R Molina, F Martínez, JA Melero, DH Bremner, AG Chakinala
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 66 (3-4), 198-207, 2006
Degradation of phenolic aqueous solutions by high frequency sono-Fenton systems (US–Fe2O3/SBA-15–H2O2)
DH Bremner, R Molina, F Martínez, JA Melero, Y Segura
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 90 (3-4), 380-388, 2009
Enhancement of the advanced Fenton process (Fe0/H2O2) by ultrasound for the mineralization of phenol
Y Segura, F Martínez, JA Melero, R Molina, R Chand, DH Bremner
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 113, 100-106, 2012
Drugs of abuse in surface and tap waters of the Tagus River basin: heterogeneous photo-Fenton process is effective in their degradation
Y Valcárcel, F Martínez, S González-Alonso, Y Segura, M Catalá, ...
Environment international 41, 35-43, 2012
Treatment of Phenolic Effluents by Catalytic Wet Hydrogen Peroxide Oxidation over Fe2O3/SBA-15 Extruded Catalyst in a Fixed-Bed Reactor
F Martínez, JA Melero, JÁ Botas, MI Pariente, R Molina
Industrial & engineering chemistry research 46 (13), 4396-4405, 2007
Nanocomposite of crystalline Fe2O3 and CuO particles and mesostructured SBA-15 silica as an active catalyst for wet peroxide oxidation processes
JA Melero, G Calleja, F Martínez, R Molina
Catalysis Communications 7 (7), 478-483, 2006
Coupling membrane separation and photocatalytic oxidation processes for the degradation of pharmaceutical pollutants
F Martínez, MJ López-Muñoz, J Aguado, JA Melero, J Arsuaga, A Sotto, ...
Water research 47 (15), 5647-5658, 2013
Heterogeneous photo-Fenton treatment for the reduction of pharmaceutical contamination in Madrid rivers and ecotoxicological evaluation by a miniaturized fern spores bioassay
JL Rodríguez-Gil, M Catalá, SG Alonso, RR Maroto, Y Valcárcel, ...
Chemosphere 80 (4), 381-388, 2010
Crystallization mechanism of Fe-MFI from wetness impregnated Fe2O3–SiO2 amorphous xerogels: role of iron species in Fenton-like processes
JA Melero, G Calleja, F Martınez, R Molina, K Lázár
Microporous and mesoporous materials 74 (1-3), 11-21, 2004
Comparative life cycle assessment (LCA) study of heterogeneous and homogenous Fenton processes for the treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater
R Rodríguez, JJ Espada, MI Pariente, JA Melero, F Martínez, R Molina
Journal of Cleaner Production 124, 21-29, 2016
Intensification of oxidation capacity using chloroalkanes as additives in hydrodynamic and acoustic cavitation reactors
AG Chakinala, PR Gogate, R Chand, DH Bremner, R Molina, AE Burgess
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 15 (3), 164-170, 2008
Elimination of drugs of abuse and their toxicity from natural waters by photo-Fenton treatment
M Catalá, N Domínguez-Morueco, A Migens, R Molina, F Martínez, ...
Science of the total environment 520, 198-205, 2015
Biological removal of pharmaceutical and personal care products by a mixed microbial culture: sorption, desorption and biodegradation
IA Vasiliadou, R Molina, F Martínez, JA Melero
Biochemical engineering journal 81, 108-119, 2013
Municipal sewage sludge to biodiesel by simultaneous extraction and conversion of lipids
JA Melero, R Sánchez-Vázquez, IA Vasiliadou, FM Castillejo, LF Bautista, ...
Energy conversion and management 103, 111-118, 2015
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