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Expression of the Pseudomonas putida OCT plasmid alkane degradation pathway is modulated by two different global control signals: evidence from continuous cultures
MA Dinamarca, I Aranda-Olmedo, A Puyet, F Rojo
Journal of bacteriology 185 (16), 4772-4778, 2003
Inactivation of cytochrome o ubiquinol oxidase relieves catabolic repression of the Pseudomonas putida GPo1 alkane degradation pathway
MA Dinamarca, A Ruiz-Manzano, F Rojo
Journal of bacteriology 184 (14), 3785-3793, 2002
Biodesulfurization of gas oil using inorganic supports biomodified with metabolically active cells immobilized by adsorption
MA Dinamarca, C Ibacache-Quiroga, P Baeza, S Galvez, M Villarroel, ...
Bioresource technology 101 (7), 2375-2378, 2010
Optimizing the biodesulfurization of gas oil by adding surfactants to immobilized cell systems
MA Dinamarca, A Rojas, P Baeza, G Espinoza, C Ibacache-Quiroga, ...
Fuel 116, 237-241, 2014
Catabolite repression and physiological control
F Rojo, MA Dinamarca
Virulence and Gene Regulation, 365-387, 2004
Analysis of s-triazine-degrading microbial communities in soil using most-probable-number enumeration and tetrazolium-salt detection
MA Dinamarca, F Cereceda-Balic, X Fadic, M Seeger
International Microbiology 10 (3), 209, 2007
The hydrocarbon‐degrading marine bacterium Cobetia sp. strain MM1IDA2H‐1 produces a biosurfactant that interferes with quorum sensing of fish pathogens by …
C Ibacache‐Quiroga, J Ojeda, G Espinoza‐Vergara, P Olivero, M Cuellar, ...
Microbial biotechnology 6 (4), 394-405, 2013
Biodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene and gas oil using a bioreactor containing a catalytic bed with Rhodococcus rhodochrous immobilized on silica
MA Dinamarca, L Orellana, J Aguirre, P Baeza, G Espinoza, C Canales, ...
Biotechnology letters 36 (8), 1649-1652, 2014
Removal of sulfur-containing organic molecules adsorbed on inorganic supports by Rhodococcus Rhodochrous spp.
P Carvajal, MA Dinamarca, P Baeza, E Camú, J Ojeda
Biotechnology letters 39 (2), 241-245, 2017
Modern approaches for the study of s-triazine herbicide bioremediation in agricultural soils
M Hernández, V Morgante, C Flores, P Villalobos, M González, P Miralles, ...
Journal of Soil Science and Plant Nutrition 8 (2), 19-30, 2008
Marine microbial biosurfactants: Biological functions and physical properties as the basis for innovations to prevent and treat infectious diseases in aquaculture
MA Dinamarca, CJ Ibacache-Quiroga, JR Ojeda, JM Troncoso
Zebrafish 14, 15, 2013
Genome sequence of Cobetia sp. strain MM1IDA2H-1, a hydrocarbon-degrading and biosurfactant-producing marine bacterium
C Ibacache-Quiroga, C Canales, M Charifeh, MA Dinamarca
Genome Announc. 5 (15), e00132-17, 2017
Modern approaches for the study of bioremediation of s-triazine herbicides in agricultural soils
M Hernandez Garcia, V Morgante, C Flores, P Villalobos, M González, ...
Journal of soil science and plant nutrition 8 (2), 19-30, 2008
A new functional biofilm biocatalyst for the simultaneous removal of dibenzothiophene and quinoline using Rhodococcus rhodochrous and curli amyloid overproducer mutants derived …
MA Dinamarca, J Eyzaguirre, P Baeza, P Aballay, C Canales, J Ojeda
Biotechnology Reports 20, e00286, 2018
16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing of Seawater Microbiota from Quintero Bay, Chile, Affected by Oil Spills, Shows the Presence of an Oil-Degrading Marine Bacterial Guild Structured …
C Ibacache-Quiroga, J Ojeda, MA Dinamarca
Microbiol Resour Announc 7 (21), e01366-18, 2018
Detection and control of indoor airborne pathogenic bacteria by biosensors based on quorum sensing chemical language: Bio-tools, connectivity apps and intelligent buildings
C Ibacache-Quiroga, N Romo, R Díaz-Viciedo, MA Dinamarca
Biosensing Technologies for the Detection of Pathogens—A Prospective Way …, 2018
Biosurfactant produced by marine bacteria interacts with diffusible pyoverdine produced by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
MA Dinamarca, N Romo, C Ibacache-Quiroga
New Biotechnology, S180, 2014
" Yogurt de Pajaritos": a Chilean kefir with properties of interest for lactose intolerance, osteoporosis and its potential applications on human health
MA Dinamarca, C Ibacache-Quiroga, E Ascencio, V Riquelme
Journal of International Society of Microbiota 1 (1), 2015
A Salmo salar diet based on a marine biosurfactant for the profilaxis and treatment of Pisciricketsia salmonis
C Ibacache-Quiroga, MA Dinamarca, J Ojeda, JM Troncoso
New Biotechnology, S214-S215, 2014
Biosurfactant quorum sensing signal hijacking
C Ibacache‐Quiroga, J Ojeda, G Espinoza‐Vergara, P Olivero, M Cuellar, ...
Microbial Biotechnology 6 (4), 394-405, 2013
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