Fernando Calle
Fernando Calle
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Wide-bandgap semiconductor ultraviolet photodetectors
E Monroy, F Omnès, F Calle
Semiconductor science and technology 18 (4), R33, 2003
Luminescence properties and defects in GaN nanocolumns grown by molecular beam epitaxy
E Calleja, MA Sánchez-García, FJ Sánchez, F Calle, FB Naranjo, ...
Physical Review B 62 (24), 16826, 2000
The effect of the III/V ratio and substrate temperature on the morphology and properties of GaN-and AlN-layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si (1 1 1)
MA Sanchez-Garcia, E Calleja, E Monroy, FJ Sanchez, F Calle, E Munoz, ...
Journal of crystal growth 183 (1-2), 23-30, 1998
III nitrides and UV detection
E Munoz, E Monroy, JL Pau, F Calle, F Omnes, P Gibart
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (32), 7115, 2001
Yellow luminescence and related deep states in undoped GaN
E Calleja, FJ Sánchez, D Basak, MA Sanchez-Garcia, E Munoz, I Izpura, ...
Physical Review B 55 (7), 4689, 1997
Growth of III-nitrides on Si (1 1 1) by molecular beam epitaxy Doping, optical, and electrical properties
E Calleja, MA Sánchez-Garcı́a, FJ Sanchez, F Calle, FB Naranjo, ...
Journal of crystal growth 201, 296-317, 1999
High-performance GaN pn junction photodetectors for solar ultraviolet applications
E Monroy, E Munoz, FJ Sánchez, F Calle, E Calleja, B Beaumont, P Gibart, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 13 (9), 1042, 1998
AlGaN metal–semiconductor–metal photodiodes
E Monroy, F Calle, E Munoz, F Omnes
Applied physics letters 74 (22), 3401-3403, 1999
AlGaN-based UV photodetectors
E Monroy, F Calle, JL Pau, E Munoz, F Omnes, B Beaumont, P Gibart
Journal of crystal growth 230 (3-4), 537-543, 2001
Analysis and modeling of -based Schottky barrier photodiodes
E Monroy, F Calle, JL Pau, FJ Sanchez, E Munoz, F Omnes, B Beaumont, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 88 (4), 2081-2091, 2000
Schottky barrier photodiodes with fast response and high detectivity
E Monroy, F Calle, E Munoz, F Omnes, P Gibart, JA Munoz
Applied physics letters 73 (15), 2146-2148, 1998
Synthesis of c-axis oriented AlN thin films on different substrates: A review
GF Iriarte, JG Rodríguez, F Calle
Materials Research Bulletin 45 (9), 1039-1045, 2010
Strong localization in InGaN layers with high In content grown by molecular-beam epitaxy
FB Naranjo, MA Sánchez-Garcıa, F Calle, E Calleja, B Jenichen, ...
Applied physics letters 80 (2), 231-233, 2002
Effect of Ga/Si interdiffusion on optical and transport properties of GaN layers grown on Si (111) by molecular-beam epitaxy
E Calleja, MA Sanchez-Garcia, D Basak, FJ Sánchez, F Calle, P Youinou, ...
Physical Review B 58 (3), 1550, 1998
Assessment of GaN metal–semiconductor–metal photodiodes for high-energy ultraviolet photodetection
E Monroy, T Palacios, O Hainaut, F Omnes, F Calle, JF Hochedez
Applied Physics Letters 80 (17), 3198-3200, 2002
Coupling light into graphene plasmons through surface acoustic waves
J Schiefele, J Pedrós, F Sols, F Calle, F Guinea
Physical review letters 111 (23), 237405, 2013
Engineering of an insulating buffer and use of AlN interlayers: two optimisations for AlGaN–GaN HEMT‐like structures
Z Bougrioua, I Moerman, L Nistor, B Van Daele, E Monroy, T Palacios, ...
physica status solidi (a) 195 (1), 93-100, 2003
Wet etching of GaN grown by molecular beam epitaxy on Si (111)
T Palacios, F Calle, M Varela, C Ballesteros, E Monroy, FB Naranjo, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 15 (10), 996, 2000
Nanoindentation on AlGaN thin films
D Caceres, I Vergara, R Gonzalez, E Monroy, F Calle, E Munoz, F Omnes
Journal of Applied Physics 86 (12), 6773-6778, 1999
Exciton and donor-acceptor recombination in undoped GaN on Si (111)
F Calle, FJ Sanchez, JMG Tijero, MA Sanchez-Garcia, E Calleja, ...
Semiconductor science and technology 12 (11), 1396, 1997
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