Juan Francisco Jimenez Bremont
Juan Francisco Jimenez Bremont
Plant Molecular Biology Professor (IPICYT)
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Salt stress increases the expression of p5cs gene and induces proline accumulation in cactus pear
CO Silva-Ortega, AE Ochoa-Alfaro, JA Reyes-Agüero, ...
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Physiological and molecular implications of plant polyamine metabolism during biotic interactions
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The Epl1 and Sm1 proteins from Trichoderma atroviride and Trichoderma virens differentially modulate systemic disease resistance against different life style pathogens in …
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Modulation of spermidine and spermine levels in maize seedlings subjected to long-term salt stress
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Are fungi important for breaking seed dormancy in desert species? Experimental evidence in Opuntia streptacantha (Cactaceae)
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Synergistic exposure of rice seeds to different doses of-ray and salinity stress resulted in increased antioxidant enzyme activities and gene-specific modulation of tc-ner pathway
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Effect of Salt Stress on the Regulation of Maize (Zea mays L.) Genes Involved in Polyamine Biosynthesis
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Functional characterization of an acidic SK3 dehydrin isolated from an Opuntia streptacantha cDNA library
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Breaking seed dormancy in specially protected Turbinicarpus lophophoroides and Turbinicarpus pseudopectinatus (Cactaceae)
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Caracterización de especies de Fusarium asociadas a la pudrición de raíz de maíz en Guanajuato, México
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A dehydrin-dehydrin interaction: the case of SK3 from Opuntia streptacantha
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Overexpression of AtGRDP2, a novel glycine-rich domain protein, accelerates plant growth and improves stress tolerance
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