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Marcin Sikora
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Hard X-ray photon-in photon-out spectroscopy
P Glatzel, M Sikora, G Smolentsev, M Fernández-García
Catalysis Today 145 (3-4), 294-299, 2009
Valence-to-core X-ray emission spectroscopy identification of carbide compounds in nanocrystalline Cr coatings deposited from Cr (III) electrolytes containing organic substances
VA Safonov, LN Vykhodtseva, YM Polukarov, OV Safonova, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 110 (46), 23192-23196, 2006
Reflections on hard X-ray photon-in/photon-out spectroscopy for electronic structure studies
P Glatzel, TC Weng, K Kvashnina, J Swarbrick, M Sikora, E Gallo, ...
Journal of Electron Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena 188, 17-25, 2013
Charge disproportionation in perovskites ( earth) from high-resolution x-ray absorption spectroscopy
M Medarde, C Dallera, M Grioni, B Delley, F Vernay, J Mesot, M Sikora, ...
Physical Review B 80 (24), 245105, 2009
X-ray absorption near-edge spectroscopy study of Mn and Co valence states in LaMn 1− x Co x O 3 (x= 0–1)
M Sikora, C Kapusta, K Knížek, Z Jirák, C Autret, M Borowiec, CJ Oates, ...
Physical Review B 73 (9), 094426, 2006
Resonant X-ray spectroscopy to study K absorption pre-edges in 3d transition metal compounds
P Glatzel, M Sikora, M Fernandez-Garcia
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 169 (1), 207-214, 2009
Operando X-ray absorption spectroscopy studies on Pd-SnO 2 based sensors
D Koziej, M Hübner, N Barsan, U Weimar, M Sikora, JD Grunwaldt
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 11 (38), 8620-8625, 2009
Inequivalent routes across the Mott transition in V 2 O 3 explored by X-ray absorption
F Rodolakis, P Hansmann, JP Rueff, A Toschi, MW Haverkort, ...
Physical review letters 104 (4), 047401, 2010
Pressure-induced valence crossover in superconducting CeCu 2 Si 2
JP Rueff, S Raymond, M Taguchi, M Sikora, JP Itié, F Baudelet, ...
Physical review letters 106 (18), 186405, 2011
Chemical composition and structural transformations of amorphous chromium coatings electrodeposited from Cr (III) electrolytes
OV Safonova, LN Vykhodtseva, NA Polyakov, JC Swarbrick, M Sikora, ...
Electrochimica Acta 56 (1), 145-153, 2010
Peculiar ferromagnetic insulator state in the low-hole-doped manganites
PA Algarabel, JM De Teresa, J Blasco, MR Ibarra, C Kapusta, M Sikora, ...
Physical Review B 67 (13), 134402, 2003
NMR probe of phase segregation in electron doped mixed valence manganites
C Kapusta, PC Riedi, M Sikora, MR Ibarra
Physical review letters 84 (18), 4216, 2000
Interplay between the cation distribution and production methods in cobalt ferrite
RS Turtelli, M Atif, N Mehmood, F Kubel, K Biernacka, W Linert, ...
Materials Chemistry and Physics 132 (2-3), 832-838, 2012
Orbital hybridization and spin polarization in the resonant 1 s photoexcitations of α− Fe 2 O 3
P Glatzel, A Mirone, SG Eeckhout, M Sikora, G Giuli
Physical Review B 77 (11), 115133, 2008
Cr local environment by valence-to-core X-ray emission spectroscopy
SG Eeckhout, OV Safonova, G Smolentsev, M Biasioli, VA Safonov, ...
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 24 (2), 215-223, 2009
Evidence of unquenched Re orbital magnetic moment in double perovskites
M Sikora, C Kapusta, M Borowiec, CJ Oates, V Prochazka, D Rybicki, ...
Applied physics letters 89 (6), 062509, 2006
NMR study of double perovskite Sr2FeMoO6
C Kapusta, PC Riedi, D Zajac, M Sikora, JM De Teresa, L Morellon, ...
Journal of magnetism and magnetic materials 242, 701-703, 2002
Ex situ XANES, XPS and Raman studies of poly (3, 4-ethylenedioxythiophene) modified by iron hexacyanoferrate
A Lisowska-Oleksiak, AP Nowak, M Wilamowska, M Sikora, W Szczerba, ...
Synthetic metals 160 (11-12), 1234-1240, 2010
Strong -edge Magnetic Circular Dichroism Observed in Photon-in–Photon-out Spectroscopy
M Sikora, A Juhin, TC Weng, P Sainctavit, C Detlefs, F De Groot, P Glatzel
Physical review letters 105 (3), 037202, 2010
Metal-doped carbon films obtained by magnetron sputtering
M Balden, BT Cieciwa, I Quintana, E de Juan Pardo, F Koch, M Sikora, ...
Surface and Coatings Technology 200 (1-4), 413-417, 2005
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