José Miguel Olano Mendoza
José Miguel Olano Mendoza
EiFAB. Campus de Soria. Universidad de Valladolid
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Plastic bimodal xylogenesis in conifers from continental Mediterranean climates
JJ Camarero, JM Olano, A Parras
New Phytologist 185 (2), 471-480, 2010
Regenerative role of seed banks following an intense soil disturbance
AL Luzuriaga, A Escudero, JM Olano, J Loidi
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Sex‐specific, age‐dependent sensitivity of tree‐ring growth to climate in the dioecious tree Juniperus thurifera
V Rozas, L DeSoto, JM Olano
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Spatio-temporal heterogeneity in abiotic factors modulate multiple ontogenetic shifts between competition and facilitation
S Soliveres, L DeSoto, FT Maestre, JM Olano
Perspectives in Plant Ecology, Evolution and Systematics 12 (3), 227-234, 2010
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Native Plant Communities in an Abandoned Pb-Zn Mining Area of Northern Spain: Implications for Phytoremediation and Germplasm Preservation
O Barrutia, U Artetxe, A Hernández, JM Olano, JI García-Plazaola, ...
International Journal of Phytoremediation 13 (3), 256-270, 2011
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New star on the stage: amount of ray parenchyma in tree rings shows a link to climate
JM Olano, A Arzac, AI García‐Cervigón, G von Arx, V Rozas
New Phytologist 198 (2), 486-495, 2013
Stand dynamics of an Appalachian old-growth forest during a severe drought episode
JM Olano, MW Palmer
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A model for small‐scale seed bank and standing vegetation connection along time
I Caballero, JM Olano, J Loidi, A Escudero
Oikos 117 (12), 1788-1795, 2008
Stand age and sampling year effect on the fungal fruit body community in Pinus pinaster forests in central Spain
LMFTLM Fernández-Toirán, TÁT Ágreda, JMOJM Olano
Botany 84 (8), 1249-1258, 2006
Especies nativas de suelos contaminados por metales: aspectos ecofisiológicos y su uso en fitorremediación
JM Becerril, O Barrutia, JIG Plazaola, A Hernández, JM Olano, C Garbisu
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Distribution and evolutionary trends of photoprotective isoprenoids (xanthophylls and tocopherols) within the plant kingdom
R Esteban, JM Olano, J Castresana, B Fernández‐Marín, A Hernández, ...
Physiologia plantarum 135 (4), 379-389, 2009
Effects of changes in traditional management on height and radial growth patterns in a Juniperus thurifera L. woodland
JM Olano, V Rozas, D Bartolomé, D Sanz
Forest Ecology and management 255 (3-4), 506-512, 2008
Release of Juniperus thurifera woodlands from herbivore‐mediated arrested succession in Spain
L DeSoto, JM Olano, V Rozas, M De la Cruz
Applied Vegetation Science 13 (1), 15-25, 2010
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