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Siavash Kahrobaei
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The egg model–a geological ensemble for reservoir simulation
JD Jansen, RM Fonseca, S Kahrobaei, MM Siraj, GM Van Essen, ...
Geoscience Data Journal 1 (2), 192-195, 2014
Experimental study of hysteresis behavior of foam generation in porous media
S Kahrobaei, S Vincent-Bonnieu, R Farajzadeh
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Quantification of the impact of ensemble size on the quality of an ensemble gradient using principles of hypothesis testing
RM Fonseca, SS Kahrobaei, LJT Van Gastel, O Leeuwenburgh, ...
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Simulation of instabilities and fingering in surfactant alternating gas (SAG) foam enhanced oil recovery
R Farajzadeh, AA Eftekhari, H Hajibeygi, S Kahrobaei, JM van der Meer, ...
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Gravity-enhanced transfer between fracture and matrix in solvent-based enhanced oil recovery
S Kahrobaei, R Farajzadeh, VS Suicmez, J Bruining
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Insights into effects of surfactant concentration on foam behavior in porous media
S Kahrobaei, R Farajzadeh
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S Kahrobaei, K Li, SV Bonnieu, R Farajzadeh
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Chemical enhanced oil recovery and the dilemma of more and cleaner energy
R Farajzadeh, S Kahrobaei, AA Eftekhari, RA Mjeni, D Boersma, ...
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S Kahrobaei, GM Van Essen, JF Van Doren, PM Van den Hof, JD Jansen
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The Egg Model—A Geological Ensemble for Reservoir Simulation. Geosci Data J 1 (2): 192–195
JD Jansen, RM Fonseca, S Kahrobaei, MM Siraj, GM Van Essen, ...
Life-cycle production optimization of hydrocarbon fields: Thermoeconomics perspective
R Farajzadeh, SS Kahrobaei, AH De Zwart, DM Boersma
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GM van Essen, S Kahrobaei, H van Oeveren, PMJ van Den Hof, ...
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The egg model
JD Jansen, RM Fonseca, S Kahrobaei, M Siraj, GM Van Essen, ...
The egg model-data files
JD Jansen, RM Fonseca, S Kahrobaei, MM Siraj
TU Delft. Dataset. http://dx. doi. org/10.4121/uuid: 916c86cd-3558-4672-829a …, 2013
Regional scale geothermal field development optimization under geological uncertainties
S Kahrobaei, RM Fonseca, CJL Willems, F Wilschut, J Van Wees
Eur Geotherm Congr, 11-4, 2019
Identifiability of location and magnitude of flow barriers in slightly compressible flow
S Kahrobaei, M Mansoori, JD Jansen, GJP Joosten, PMJ Van den Hof
SPE Reservoir Simulation Symposium, 2015
Hidden information in ill-posed inverse problems
SS Kahrobaei, M Mansoori, GJP Joosten, PMJ Van den Hof, JD Jansen
ECMOR XIV-14th European Conference on the Mathematics of Oil Recovery 2014 …, 2014
CO2 storage feasibility in the P18-2 depleted gas field
F Neele, T Wildenborg, K Geel, D Loeve, L Peters, S Kahrobaei, ...
TNO Report, R11635, 2019
3D Models for Stress Changes and Seismic hazard Assessment in Geothermal Doublet Systems in the Netherlands
JD Van Wees, S Kahrobaei, S Osinga, B Wassing, L Buijze, T Candela, ...
Reykjavik, Iceland: World Geothermal Congress, 2020
CO2 Foam Behavior in Carbonate Rock: Effect of Surfactant Type and Concentration
SA Jones, S Kahrobaei, N van Wageningen, R Farajzadeh
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2022
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