Ernesto Marin
Ernesto Marin
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Characteristic dimensions for heat transfer
E Marín
Latin-American Journal of Physics Education 4 (1), 56-60, 2010
The role of thermal properties in periodic time-varying phenomena
E Marin
European journal of physics 28 (3), 429, 2007
Reproduction and recruitment of white mullet (Mugil curema) to a tropical lagoon (Margarita Island, Venezuela) as revealed by otolith microstructure
E Marin, J Baumar, A Quintero, D Bussiere, JJ Dodson
Fishery Bulletin 101 (4), 809-821, 2003
Photoacoustic determination of non-radiative carrier lifetimes
E Marin, I Riech, P Diaz, JJ Alvarado-Gil, R Baquero, ...
Journal of applied physics 83 (5), 2604-2609, 1998
Análisis de textos expositivos producidos por estudiantes universitarios desde la perspectiva lingüística discursiva
EI Marín, OA Morales
Educere 8 (26), 333-345, 2004
The application of the photoacoustic technique to the measurement of the thermal effusivity of liquids
O Delgado-Vasallo, E Marin
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 32 (5), 593, 1999
On the use of the photoacoustic technique for corrosion monitoring of metals: Cu and Zn oxides formed in tropical environments
L Veleva, SA Tomas, E Marin, A Cruz-Orea, I Delgadillo, JJ Alvarado-Gil, ...
Corrosion Science 39 (9), 1641-1655, 1997
Measurement of the thermal properties of liquids using a thermal wave interferometer
JAP Lima, E Marín, O Correa, MG Da Silva, SL Cardoso, C Gatts, ...
Measurement Science and Technology 11 (10), 1522, 2000
Optical and thermal properties of liquids measured by means of an open photoacoustic cell
O Delgado-Vasallo, AC Valdes, E Marin, JAP Lima, MG Da Silva, M Sthel, ...
Measurement Science and Technology 11 (4), 412, 2000
Photoacoustic measurements of the thermal properties of AlyGa1-yAs alloys in the region 0< y< 0.5
JL Pichardo, E Marin, JJ Alvarado-Gil, JG Mendoza-Alvarez, A Cruz-Orea, ...
Applied Physics A 65 (1), 69-72, 1997
On the wave treatment of the conduction of heat in photothermal experiments with solids
E Marín, J Marín-Antuña, P Díaz-Arencibia
European journal of physics 23 (5), 523, 2002
On the thermal characterization of two-layer systems by means of the photoacoustic effect
E Marin, JL Pichardo, A Cruz-Orea, P Diaz, G Torres-Delgado, ...
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 29 (4), 981, 1996
On the use of the thermal wave resonator cavity sensor for monitoring hydrocarbon vapors
JAP Lima, E Marın, MG Da Silva, MS Sthel, SL Cardoso, DF Takeuti, ...
Review of Scientific Instruments 71 (7), 2928-2932, 2000
Age, growth and fecundity of the silver mullet, Mugil curema (Pisces: Mugilidae), in coastal areas of Northeastern Venezuela
E Marin, J Baumar, JJ Dodson
Revista de biologia tropical 48 (2-3), 389-398, 2000
On the photoacoustic characterization of semiconductors: Influence of carrier recombination on the thermodiffusion, thermoelastic and electronic strain signal generation mechanisms
E Marín, H Vargas, P Diaz, I Riech
physica status solidi (a) 179 (2), 387-402, 2000
Measurement of the Auger lifetime in GaInAsSb/GaSb heterostructures using the photoacoustic technique
I Riech, ML Gomez-Herrera, P Dıaz, JG Mendoza-Alvarez, ...
Applied Physics Letters 79 (7), 964-966, 2001
Thermal physics concepts: the role of the thermal effusivity
E Marin
The Physics Teacher 44 (7), 432-434, 2006
Measurement of the thermal properties of liquid mixtures using a thermal wave interferometer
JAP Lima, E Marin, MSO Massunaga, O Correa, SL Cardoso, H Vargas, ...
Applied Physics B 73 (2), 151-155, 2001
Photoacoustic thermal characterization of spark‐processed porous silicon
A Cruz‐Orea, I Delgadillo, H Vargas, A Gudino‐Martinez, E Marín, ...
Journal of applied physics 79 (12), 8951-8954, 1996
Discrimination of organic coffee via Fourier transform infrared–photoacoustic spectroscopy
F Gordillo‐Delgado, E Marín, DM Cortés‐Hernández, C Mejía‐Morales, ...
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture 92 (11), 2316-2319, 2012
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