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Comparative developmental toxicity of new aromatic halogenated DBPs in a chlorinated saline sewage effluent to the marine polychaete Platynereis dumerilii
M Yang, X Zhang
Environmental Science & Technology 47 (19), 10868-10876, 2013
Comparative toxicity of new halophenolic DBPs in chlorinated saline wastewater effluents against a marine alga: halophenolic DBPs are generally more toxic than haloaliphatic ones
J Liu, X Zhang
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Evaluating the comparative toxicity of DBP mixtures from different disinfection scenarios: a new approach by combining freeze-drying or rotoevaporation with a marine polychaete …
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J Jiang, J Han, X Zhang
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Which micropollutants in water environments deserve more attention globally?
Y Yang, X Zhang, J Jiang, J Han, W Li, X Li, KM Yee Leung, SA Snyder, ...
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QY Wu, YT Zhou, W Li, X Zhang, Y Du, HY Hu
Water Research 162, 43-52, 2019
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