Jessica Siltberg-Liberles
Jessica Siltberg-Liberles
Assistant professor of Biology, Florida International University
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Formyl peptide receptors are candidate chemosensory receptors in the vomeronasal organ
SD Liberles, LF Horowitz, D Kuang, JJ Contos, KL Wilson, ...
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Natural and engineered photoactivated nucleotidyl cyclases for optogenetic applications
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Engineering adenylate cyclases regulated by near-infrared window light
MH Ryu, IH Kang, MD Nelson, TM Jensen, AI Lyuksyutova, ...
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Allosteric mechanisms in ACT domain containing enzymes involved in amino acid metabolism
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A simple covarion‐based approach to analyse nucleotide substitution rates
J Siltberg, DA Liberles
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Piriform spider silk sequences reveal unique repetitive elements
DJ Perry, D Bittencourt, J Siltberg-Liberles, EL Rech, RV Lewis
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The evolution of protein structures and structural ensembles under functional constraint
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The phylogeny of the aromatic amino acid hydroxylases revisited by characterizing phenylalanine hydroxylase from Dictyostelium discoideum
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Evolution of intrinsic disorder in eukaryotic proteins
JB Ahrens, J Nunez-Castilla, J Siltberg-Liberles
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Evolution of structurally disordered proteins promotes neostructuralization
J Siltberg-Liberles
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Superstoichiometric binding of L-Phe to phenylalanine hydroxylase from Caenorhabditis elegans: evolutionary implications
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Searching distant homologs of the regulatory ACT domain in phenylalanine hydroxylase
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The nuanced interplay of intrinsic disorder and other structural properties driving protein evolution
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Rapid evolutionary dynamics of structural disorder as a potential driving force for biological divergence in flaviviruses
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Functional diversification after gene duplication: paralog specific regions of structural disorder and phosphorylation in p53, p63, and p73
HG Dos Santos, J Nunez-Castilla, J Siltberg-Liberles
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Metazoan innovation: from aromatic amino acids to extracellular signaling
KM Kutchko, J Siltberg-Liberles
Amino acids 45 (2), 359-367, 2013
Interaction of Peptide Aptamers with Prion Protein Central Domain Promotes α-Cleavage of PrPC
E Corda, X Du, SY Shim, AN Klein, J Siltberg-Liberles, S Gilch
Molecular neurobiology 55 (10), 7758-7774, 2018
Did the prion protein become vulnerable to misfolding after an evolutionary divide and conquer event?
K Richmond, P Masterson, JF Ortiz, J Siltberg-Liberles
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Large-Scale analyses of Site-Specific evolutionary rates across eukaryote proteomes reveal confounding interactions between intrinsic disorder, secondary structure, and …
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Paralog-specific patterns of structural disorder and phosphorylation in the vertebrate SH3–SH2–tyrosine kinase protein family
HG Dos Santos, J Siltberg-Liberles
Genome biology and evolution 8 (9), 2806-2825, 2016
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