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Efficient electrocatalysis of overall water splitting by ultrasmall NixCo3− xS4 coupled Ni3S2 nanosheet arrays
Y Wu, Y Liu, GD Li, X Zou, X Lian, D Wang, L Sun, T Asefa, X Zou
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High‐Quality Cs2AgBiBr6 Double Perovskite Film for Lead‐Free Inverted Planar Heterojunction Solar Cells with 2.2 % Efficiency
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ChemPhysChem 19 (14), 1696-1700, 2018
Bilateral interface engineering toward efficient 2D–3D bulk heterojunction tin halide lead-free perovskite solar cells
C Ran, J Xi, W Gao, F Yuan, T Lei, B Jiao, X Hou, Z Wu
ACS Energy Letters 3 (3), 713-721, 2018
Multichannel Interdiffusion Driven FASnI3 Film Formation Using Aqueous Hybrid Salt/Polymer Solutions toward Flexible Lead‐Free Perovskite Solar Cells
J Xi, Z Wu, B Jiao, H Dong, C Ran, C Piao, T Lei, TB Song, W Ke, ...
Advanced Materials 29 (23), 1606964, 2017
A Strategy for Architecture Design of Crystalline Perovskite Light‐Emitting Diodes with High Performance
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Ag-encapsulated Au plasmonic nanorods for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cell performance
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H Dong, Z Wu, Y Jiang, W Liu, X Li, B Jiao, W Abbas, X Hou
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Charge transport between coupling colloidal perovskite quantum dots assisted by functional conjugated ligands
J Dai, J Xi, L Li, JF Zhao, Y Shi, W Zhang, C Ran, B Jiao, X Hou, X Duan, ...
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Optics–electrics highways: Plasmonic silver nanowires@ TiO2 core–shell nanocomposites for enhanced dye-sensitized solar cells performance
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Formation of ultrasmooth perovskite films toward highly efficient inverted planar heterojunction solar cells by micro-flowing anti-solvent deposition in air
B Xia, Z Wu, H Dong, J Xi, W Wu, T Lei, K Xi, F Yuan, B Jiao, L Xiao, ...
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (17), 6295-6303, 2016
Highly efficient deep-blue organic electroluminescent devices (CIE y≈ 0.08) doped with fluorinated 9, 9′-bianthracene derivatives (fluorophores)
Y Yu, Z Wu, Z Li, B Jiao, L Li, L Ma, D Wang, G Zhou, X Hou
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 1 (48), 8117-8127, 2013
Versatile fluorinated derivatives of triphenylamine as hole-transporters and blue-violet emitters in organic light-emitting devices
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Robust stability of efficient lead-free formamidinium tin iodide perovskite solar cells realized by structural regulation
W Gao, C Ran, J Li, H Dong, B Jiao, L Zhang, X Lan, X Hou, Z Wu
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Fluorinated 9, 9′-spirobifluorene derivatives as host materials for highly efficient blue organic light-emitting devices
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C Ran, W Gao, J Li, J Xi, L Li, J Dai, Y Yang, X Gao, H Dong, B Jiao, ...
Joule 3 (12), 3072-3087, 2019
Rubidium doping for enhanced performance of highly efficient formamidinium-based perovskite light-emitting diodes
Y Shi, J Xi, T Lei, F Yuan, J Dai, C Ran, H Dong, B Jiao, X Hou, Z Wu
ACS applied materials & interfaces 10 (11), 9849-9857, 2018
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