Alejandro Cantarero (ORCID:0000-0002-5816-701X)
Alejandro Cantarero (ORCID:0000-0002-5816-701X)
Department of Physiology (Veterinary School) - Complutense University of Madrid
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Behavioural responses to ectoparasites in pied flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca: an experimental study
A Cantarero, J López‐Arrabé, AJ Redondo, J Moreno
Journal of Avian Biology 44 (6), 591-599, 2013
Factors affecting the presence and abundance of generalist ectoparasites in nests of three sympatric hole-nesting bird species
A Cantarero, J López-Arrabé, V Rodríguez-García, S González-Braojos, ...
Acta Ornithologica 48 (1), 39-54, 2013
Connecting the data landscape of long‐term ecological studies: The SPI‐Birds data hub
A Culina, F Adriaensen, LD Bailey, MD Burgess, A Charmantier, EF Cole, ...
Journal of Animal Ecology 90 (9), 2147-2160, 2021
Nest Defence Behaviour and Testosterone Levels in Female Pied Flycatchers
A Cantarero, T Laaksonen, PE Järvistö, D Gil, J López-Arrabé, ...
Ethology 121 (10), 946-957, 2015
Mitochondria-targeted molecules determine the redness of the zebra finch bill
A Cantarero, C Alonso-Alvarez
Biology Letters 13, 2017
Nest-dwelling ectoparasites reduce antioxidant defences in females and nestlings of a passerine: a field experiment
J López-Arrabé, A Cantarero, L Pérez-Rodríguez, A Palma, ...
Oecologia 179, 23-41, 2015
Is nestling growth affected by nest reuse and skin bacteria in Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca?
S González-Braojos, AI Vela, R Ruiz-De-Castañeda, V Briones, ...
Acta Ornithologica 47 (2), 119-127, 2012
Males respond to female begging signals of need: a handicapping experiment in the Pied flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca
A Cantarero, J López-Arrabé, A Palma, AJ Redondo, J Moreno
Animal Behaviour 94 (3), 167-173, 2014
Experimental pyrethroid treatment underestimates the effects of ectoparasites in cavity-nesting birds due to toxicity
J López-Arrabé, A Cantarero, L Pérez-Rodríguez, A Palma, J Moreno
Ibis 156 (3), 606–614, 2014
Extra-pair paternity declines with female age and wing length in the Pied Flycatcher
J Moreno, JG Martínez, S González-Braojos, A Cantarero, ...
Ethology 121 (5), 501-512, 2015
Extent of a white plumage patch covaries with testosterone levels in female Pied Flycatchers Ficedula hypoleuca
J Moreno, D Gil, A Cantarero, J López-Arrabé
Journal of Ornithology 155 (3), 1-10, 2014
Plasma antioxidant capacity and oxidative damage in relation to male plumage ornamental traits in a montane Iberian Pied Flycatcher Ficedula hypoleuca population
J Moreno, A Velando, R Ruiz-De-Castañeda, A Cantarero, ...
Acta Ornithologica 46 (1), 62-67, 2011
Testing the shared‐pathway hypothesis in the carotenoid‐based coloration of red crossbills
A Cantarero, R Mateo, P Camarero, D Alonso, B Fernandez‐Eslava, ...
Evolution 74, 2348-2364, 2020
Females paired with more attractive males show reduced oxidative damage: possible direct benefits of mate choice in pied flycatchers
J Moreno, A Velando, S González‐Braojos, R Ruiz‐de‐Castañeda, ...
Ethology 119 (9), 727-737, 2013
Extra-pair matings, context-dependence and offspring quality: a brood manipulation experiment in pied flycatchers
J Moreno, JG Martínez, S González-Braojos, R Ruiz-de-Castañeda, ...
Behaviour 150 (3-4), 359-380, 2013
Testosterone levels in relation to size and UV reflectance of achromatic plumage traits of female pied flycatchers
A Cantarero, T Laaksonen, PE Järvistö, J López-Arrabé, D Gil, J Moreno
Journal of Avian Biology 48, 243-254, 2017
Plumage ornaments and reproductive investment in relation to oxidative status in the Iberian Pied Flycatcher (Ficedula hypoleuca iberiae)
J López-Arrabé, A Cantarero, L Pérez-Rodríguez, A Palma, J Moreno
Canadian Journal of Zoology 92 (1019-1027), 2014
Males feed their mates more and take more risks for nestlings with larger female-built nests: an experimental study in the Nuthatch Sitta europaea
A Cantarero, J López-Arrabé, M Plaza, I Saavedra-Garcés, J Moreno
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 70 (8), 1141-1150, 2016
Female incubation attendance and nest vigilance reflect social signaling capacity: a field experiment
M Plaza, A Cantarero, JJ Cuervo, J Moreno
Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 72, 24, 2018
Oxidative damage in relation to a female plumage badge: evidence for signalling costs
J Moreno, A Velando, R Ruiz-de-Castañeda, S González-Braojos, ...
acta ethologica 16, 65-75, 2013
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