Anchalee Junkaew
Anchalee Junkaew
National Nanotechnology Center (NANOTEC), Thailand Science Park, Patumthani 12120, Thailand
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Hydrogen sorption in orthorhombic Mg hydride at ultra-low temperature
B Ham, A Junkaew, R Arroyave, J Chen, H Wang, P Wang, J Majewski, ...
international journal of hydrogen energy 38 (20), 8328-8341, 2013
Size and stress dependent hydrogen desorption in metastable Mg hydride films
B Ham, A Junkaew, R Arróyave, J Park, HC Zhou, D Foley, S Rios, ...
International journal of hydrogen energy 39 (6), 2597-2607, 2014
Stabilization of bcc Mg in thin films at ambient pressure: experimental evidence and ab initio calculations
A Junkaew, B Ham, X Zhang, A Talapatra, R Arróyave
Materials Research Letters 1 (3), 161-167, 2013
Effect of ternary additions to structural properties of NiTi alloys
N Singh, A Talapatra, A Junkaew, T Duong, S Gibbons, S Li, H Thawabi, ...
Computational Materials Science 112, 347-355, 2016
Investigation of the structural stability of Co2NiGa shape memory alloys via ab initio methods
R Arróyave, A Junkaew, A Chivukula, S Bajaj, CY Yao, A Garay
Acta Materialia 58 (16), 5220-5231, 2010
Promotional effect of the TiO 2 (001) facet in the selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH 3: in situ DRIFTS and DFT studies
L Huang, K Zha, S Namuangruk, A Junkaew, X Zhao, H Li, L Shi, D Zhang
Catalysis Science & Technology 6 (24), 8516-8524, 2016
Understanding synergetic effect of TiO2-supported silver nanoparticle as a sorbent for Hg0 removal
C Rungnim, J Meeprasert, M Kunaseth, A Junkaew, P Khamdahsag, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 274, 132-142, 2015
Enhancement of the selectivity of MXenes (M 2 C, M= Ti, V, Nb, Mo) via oxygen-functionalization: promising materials for gas-sensing and-separation
A Junkaew, R Arroyave
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (9), 6073-6082, 2018
Tailoring the formation of metastable Mg through interfacial engineering: A phase stability analysis
A Junkaew, B Ham, X Zhang, R Arróyave
Calphad 45, 145-150, 2014
Capability of defective graphene-supported Pd13 and Ag13 particles for mercury adsorption
J Meeprasert, A Junkaew, C Rungnim, M Kunaseth, N Kungwan, ...
Applied Surface Science 364, 166-175, 2016
A DFT study of volatile organic compounds adsorption on transition metal deposited graphene
M Kunaseth, P Poldorn, A Junkeaw, J Meeprasert, C Rungnim, ...
Applied Surface Science 396, 1712-1718, 2017
Metal cluster-deposited graphene as an adsorptive material for m-xylene
A Junkaew, C Rungnim, M Kunaseth, R Arróyave, V Promarak, ...
New Journal of Chemistry 39 (12), 9650-9658, 2015
Investigation of interfaces in Mg/Nb multilayer thin films
A Junkaew, B Ham, X Zhang, R Arróyave
Ab-initio calculations of the elastic and finite-temperature thermodynamic properties of niobium- and magnesium hydrides
A Junkaew, B Ham, X Zhang, R Arroyave
International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 39 (28), 15530-15539, 2014
Mechanistic study of NO oxidation on Cr–phthalocyanine: theoretical insight
A Junkaew, J Meeprasert, B Jansang, N Kungwan, S Namuangruk
RSC advances 7 (15), 8858-8865, 2017
The complete reaction mechanism of H2S desulfurization on an anatase TiO2 (001) surface: a density functional theory investigation
A Junkaew, P Maitarad, R Arroyave, N Kungwan, D Zhang, L Shi, ...
Catalysis Science & Technology, 2017
A MnN4 moiety embedded graphene as a magnetic gas sensor for CO detection: A first principle study
S Impeng, A Junkaew, P Maitarad, N Kungwan, D Zhang, L Shi, ...
Applied Surface Science 473, 820-827, 2019
A Cr-phthalocyanine monolayer as a potential catalyst for NO reduction investigated by DFT calculations
J Meeprasert, A Junkaew, N Kungwan, B Jansang, S Namuangruk
RSC Advances 6 (25), 20500-20506, 2016
Understanding the role of Ru dopant on selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over Ru-doped CeO2 catalyst
C Chitpakdee, A Junkaew, P Maitarad, L Shi, V Promarak, N Kungwan, ...
Chemical Engineering Journal 369, 124-133, 2019
Silicon-coordinated nitrogen-doped graphene as a promising metal-free catalyst for N2O reduction by CO: A theoretical study
M Junkaew, Anchalee and Namuangruk, Supawadee and Maitarad, Phornphimon and ...
RSC Advances 8, 22322 - 22330, 2018
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