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Unexpected diversity of small eukaryotes in deep-sea Antarctic plankton
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The molecular ecology of microbial eukaryotes unveils a hidden world
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Ten reasons to exclude viruses from the tree of life
D Moreira, P López-García
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Symbiosis between methanogenic archaea and δ-proteobacteria as the origin of eukaryotes: the syntrophic hypothesis
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Bacterial mode of replication with eukaryotic-like machinery in a hyperthermophilic archaeon
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Nanoscale detection of organic signatures in carbonate microbialites
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An updated view of kinetoplastid phylogeny using environmental sequences and a closer outgroup: proposal for a new classification of the class Kinetoplastea
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P López‐García, A Vereshchaka, D Moreira
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Archaeal and bacterial community composition of sediment and plankton from a suboxic freshwater pond
C Briée, D Moreira, P López-García
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The environmental clade LKM11 and Rozella form the deepest branching clade of fungi
E Lara, D Moreira, P López-García
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An Early-Branching Microbialite Cyanobacterium Forms Intracellular Carbonates
E Couradeau, K Benzerara, E Gérard, D Moreira, S Bernard, GE Brown Jr, ...
Science 459, 462, 2012
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