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Coordination modes of boranes in polyhydride ruthenium complexes: σ-borane versus dihydridoborate
S Lachaize, K Essalah, V Montiel-Palma, L Vendier, B Chaudret, ...
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A Unified Approach to CO2–Amine Reaction Mechanisms
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Crystal structure, Hirshfeld surfaces computational study and physicochemical characterization of the hybrid material (C7H10N)2[SnCl6].H2O
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9-BBN activation. Synthesis, crystal structure and theoretical characterization of the ruthenium complex Ru[(μ-H)2BC8H14]2(PCy3)
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Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational spectroscopy, DFT, optical study and thermal analysis of a new stannate (IV) complex based on 2-ethyl-6-methylanilinium (C9H14N) 2 [SnCl6]
I Feddaoui, MSM Abdelbaky, S García-Granda, K Essalah, CB Nasr, ...
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Experimental and theoretical study of Matricaria recutita chamomile extract as corrosion inhibitor for steel in neutral chloride media
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Phosphoramidic difluoride complexes of tin (IV) chloride: A multinuclear (119Sn, 31P, 19F and 1H) NMR characterisation in solution
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Impedance spectroscopy and dielectric relaxation of imidazole-substituted palladium (II) phthalocyanine (ImPdPc) for organic solar cells
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ACS omega 6 (16), 10655-10667, 2021
Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational, optical properties, thermal analysis and theoretical study of a new Sn (IV) complex (C5H14N2) 2 [SnCl6] 2· 5H2O
S BelhajSalah, MSM Abdelbaky, S García-Granda, K Essalah, CB Nasr, ...
Solid State Sciences 86, 77-85, 2018
Diels–Alder reaction of β-chloro-α, β-unsaturated aldehydes with cyclopentadiene: an experimental and theoretical study
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Structural Chemistry 25, 799-808, 2014
Experimental and theoretical studies on optical properties of tetra (imidazole) of palladium (ii) phthalocyanine
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Molecules 27 (19), 6151, 2022
Synthesis, spectroscopic and structural studies of 2, 2, 2-trifluoroethyl phosphorodiamidate complexes with tin (IV) chloride
M Sanhoury, MTB Dhia, K Essalah, A Guesmi, MR Khaddar
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Synthesis and characterization of new imidazole phthalocyanine for photodegradation of micro-organic pollutants from sea water
B Jamoussi, R Chakroun, A Timoumi, K Essalah
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Tin tetrachloride adducts with phosphoryl ligands: A DFT study
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DFT study of allylic and aliphatic alcohols reactivity: Transesterification and alkylation reactions
S Boughdiri, K Essalah
Journal of Molecular Structure: THEOCHEM 958 (1-3), 21-25, 2010
Fast characterization of C-glycoside acetophenones in Medemia argun male racemes (an Ancient Egyptian palm) using LC-MS analyses and computational study with their antioxidant …
RB Said, AI Hamed, K Essalah, AS Al-Ayed, S Boughdiri, B Tangour, ...
Journal of Molecular Structure 1145, 230-239, 2017
Stabilization of glyphosate zwitterions and conformational/tautomerism mechanism in aqueous solution: insights from ab initio and density functional theory-continuum model …
O Fliss, K Essalah, AB Fredj
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 23 (46), 26306-26323, 2021
Synthesis, crystal structure, vibrational, optical properties, and a theoretical study of a new Pb (II) complex with bis (1-methylpiperazine-1, 4-diium):[C5H14N2] 2PbCl6· 3H2O
ML Mrad, S Belhajsalah, MSM Abdelbaky, S García-Granda, K Essalah, ...
Journal of Coordination Chemistry 72 (2), 358-371, 2019
Étude expérimentale et théorique de la cinétique de l'alcoolyse de la liaison P-N extracyclique du 2-diméthylamino-4,4,5,5- tetraméthyl-1,3-dioxaphospholane monocyclique
O Fliss, A Mejri, K Essalah, MT Boisdon, B Tangour
Comptes Rendus Chimie, 2015
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