Miriam peña alvarez
Miriam peña alvarez
University of Edinburgh
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Evaluating arbitrary strain configurations and doping in graphene with Raman spectroscopy
NS Mueller, S Heeg, MP Alvarez, P Kusch, S Wasserroth, N Clark, ...
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Single layer molybdenum disulfide under direct out-of-plane compression: low-stress band-gap engineering
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Properties of Sizeable [n]Cycloparaphenylenes as Molecular Models of Single‐Wall Carbon Nanotubes Elucidated by Raman Spectroscopy: Structural and …
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Reversible Dimerization and Polymerization of a Janus Diradical To Produce Labile C− C Bonds and Large Chromic Effects
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Pressure-Induced Conductivity in a Neutral Non-planar Spin-localized Radical
Journal of the american chemical society, 2016
Decorating graphene oxide/nanogold with dextran-based polymer brushes for the construction of ultrasensitive electrochemical enzyme biosensors
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Fingerprints of through-bond and through-space exciton and charge π-electron delocalization in linearly extended [2.2] paracyclophanes
JL Zafra, A Molina Ontoria, P Mayorga Burrezo, M Peña-Alvarez, ...
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Chameleon-like behaviour of cyclo [n] paraphenylenes in complexes with C 70: on their impressive electronic and structural adaptability as probed by Raman spectroscopy
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A Chichibabin’s hydrocarbon-based molecular cage: the impact of structural rigidity on dynamics, stability, and electronic properties
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Journal of the American Chemical Society 142 (29), 12730-12742, 2020
Direct reaction between copper and nitrogen at high pressures and temperatures
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New Multiresponsive Chromic Soft Materials: Dynamic Interconversion of Short 2, 7‐Dicyanomethylenecarbazole‐Based Biradicaloid and the Corresponding Cyclophane Tetramer
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Chemistry–A European Journal 23 (55), 13776-13783, 2017
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