Fabio Lorenzo, Traversa
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Harmonic balance simulation and analysis
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Applied Bohmian Mechanics: From Nanoscale Systems to Cosmology; chapter: Nanoelectronics: Quantum Electron Transport
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Universal memcomputing machines
FL Traversa, M Di Ventra
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Two-point versus multipartite entanglement in quantum phase transitions
A Anfossi, P Giorda, A Montorsi, F Traversa
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Many-particle monte carlo approach to electron transport
G Albareda, A Benali, FL Traversa, X Oriols
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Memcomputing NP-complete problems in polynomial time using polynomial resources and collective states
FL Traversa, C Ramella, F Bonani, M Di Ventra
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Polynomial-time solution of prime factorization and NP-complete problems with digital memcomputing machines
FL Traversa, M Di Ventra
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A frequency‐domain approach to the analysis of stability and bifurcations in nonlinear systems described by differential‐algebraic equations
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Oscillator noise: a nonlinear perturbative theory including orbital fluctuations and phase-orbital correlation
FL Traversa, F Bonani
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Dynamic computing random access memory
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Memory models of adaptive behavior
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Perspective: Memcomputing: Leveraging memory and physics to compute efficiently
M Di Ventra, FL Traversa
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Time-dependent many-particle simulation for resonant tunneling diodes: interpretation of an analytical small-signal equivalent circuit
FL Traversa, E Buccafurri, A Alarcon, G Albareda, R Clerc, F Calmon, ...
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Robust weak-measurement protocol for Bohmian velocities
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Computation of quantum electrical currents through the Ramo–Shockley–Pellegrini theorem with trajectories
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Improved harmonic balance implementation of Floquet analysis for nonlinear circuit simulation
FL Traversa, F Bonani
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Generalized Floquet theory: Application to dynamical systems with memory and Bloch’s theorem for nonlocal potentials
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Topological field theory and computing with instantons
M Di Ventra, FL Traversa, IV Ovchinnikov
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Memcomputing with membrane memcapacitive systems
YV Pershin, FL Traversa, M Di Ventra
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Improving the intrinsic cut-off frequency of gate-all-around quantum-wire transistors without channel length scaling
A Benali, FL Traversa, G Albareda, M Aghoutane, X Oriols
Applied Physics Letters 102 (17), 173506, 2013
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