Przemyslaw Bienias
Przemyslaw Bienias
Assistant Research Scientist @ QuICS/UMD/JQI (Joint Quantum Institute)
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Citada per
Scattering resonances and bound states for strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons
P Bienias, S Choi, O Firstenberg, MF Maghrebi, M Gullans, MD Lukin, ...
Physical Review A 90 (5), 053804, 2014
Enhancement of Rydberg-mediated single-photon nonlinearities by electrically tuned Förster resonances
H Gorniaczyk, C Tresp, P Bienias, A Paris-Mandoki, W Li, I Mirgorodskiy, ...
Nature communications 7 (1), 1-6, 2016
Dark state optical lattice with a subwavelength spatial structure
Y Wang, S Subhankar, P Bienias, M Łącki, TC Tsui, MA Baranov, ...
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T Karpiuk, P Deuar, P Bienias, E Witkowska, K Pawłowski, M Gajda, ...
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Coulomb bound states of strongly interacting photons
MF Maghrebi, MJ Gullans, P Bienias, S Choi, I Martin, O Firstenberg, ...
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K Jachymski, P Bienias, HP Büchler
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P Bienias, K Pawłowski, M Gajda, K Rzążewski
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K Małek, A Pollo, TT Takeuchi, P Bienias, M Shirahata, S Matsuura, ...
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Statistical properties of one-dimensional Bose gas
P Bienias, K Pawłowski, M Gajda, K Rzążewski
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Quantum theory of Kerr nonlinearity with Rydberg slow light polaritons
P Bienias, HP Büchler
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Minimal Model for Fast Scrambling
R Belyansky, P Bienias, YA Kharkov, AV Gorshkov, B Swingle
Physical Review Letters 125 (13), 130601, 2020
Photon propagation through dissipative Rydberg media at large input rates
P Bienias, J Douglas, A Paris-Mandoki, P Titum, I Mirgorodskiy, C Tresp, ...
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Quantum simulation of hyperbolic space with circuit quantum electrodynamics: From graphs to geometry
I Boettcher, P Bienias, R Belyansky, AJ Kollár, AV Gorshkov
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Quench Dynamics of a Fermi Gas with Strong Long-Range Interactions
E Guardado-Sanchez, B Spar, P Schauss, R Belyansky, JT Young, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.05871, 2020
On-demand indistinguishable single photons from an efficient and pure source based on a Rydberg ensemble
DP Ornelas-Huerta, AN Craddock, EA Goldschmidt, AJ Hachtel, Y Wang, ...
Optica 7 (7), 813-819, 2020
Nondestructive cooling of an atomic quantum register via state-insensitive Rydberg interactions
R Belyansky, JT Young, P Bienias, Z Eldredge, AM Kaufman, P Zoller, ...
Physical review letters 123 (21), 213603, 2019
Few-body quantum physics with strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons
P Bienias
The European Physical Journal Special Topics 225 (15), 2957-2976, 2016
Correlations of a quasi-two-dimensional dipolar ultracold gas at finite temperatures
K Pawłowski, P Bienias, T Pfau, K Rzążewski
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Fractional quantum Hall phases of bosons with tunable interactions: From the Laughlin liquid to a fractional Wigner crystal
T Graß, P Bienias, MJ Gullans, R Lundgren, J Maciejko, AV Gorshkov
Physical review letters 121 (25), 253403, 2018
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