Cristian R. Munteanu
Cristian R. Munteanu
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Automatic feature extraction using genetic programming: An application to epileptic EEG classification
L Guo, D Rivero, J Dorado, CR Munteanu, A Pazos
Expert Systems with Applications 38 (8), 10425-10436, 2011
MIND-BEST: Web Server for Drugs and Target Discovery; Design, Synthesis, and Assay of MAO-B Inhibitors and Theoretical− Experimental Study of G3PDH Protein from Trichomonas …
H González-Díaz, F Prado-Prado, X García-Mera, N Alonso, P Abeijón, ...
Journal of proteome research 10 (4), 1698-1718, 2011
Multi-target QPDR classification model for human breast and colon cancer-related proteins using star graph topological indices
CR Munteanu, AL Magalhães, E Uriarte, H González-Díaz
Journal of theoretical biology 257 (2), 303-311, 2009
3D entropy and moments prediction of enzyme classes and experimental-theoretic study of peptide fingerprints in Leishmania parasites
R Concu, MA Dea-Ayuela, LG Perez-Montoto, FJ Prado-Prado, E Uriarte, ...
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Proteins and Proteomics 1794 (12), 1784-1794, 2009
Trypano-PPI: A web server for prediction of unique targets in trypanosome proteome by using electrostatic parameters of protein− protein interactions
Y Rodriguez-Soca, CR Munteanu, J Dorado, A Pazos, FJ Prado-Prado, ...
Journal of proteome research 9 (2), 1182-1190, 2009
Artificial intelligence techniques for colorectal cancer drug metabolism: ontologies and complex networks
M Martínez-Romero, JM Vázquez-Naya, J R Rabunal, S Pita-Fernández, ...
Current drug metabolism 11 (4), 347-368, 2010
Enzymes/non-enzymes classification model complexity based on composition, sequence, 3D and topological indices
CR Munteanu, H González-Díaz, AL Magalhães
Journal of theoretical biology 254 (2), 476-482, 2008
Drug discovery and design for complex diseases through QSAR computational methods
C R Munteanu, E Fernández-Blanco, J A Seoane, P Izquierdo-Novo, ...
Current pharmaceutical design 16 (24), 2640-2655, 2010
NL MIND-BEST: A web server for ligands and proteins discovery—Theoretic-experimental study of proteins of Giardia lamblia and new compounds active against Plasmodium falciparum
H González-Díaz, F Prado-Prado, E Sobarzo-Sanchez, M Haddad, ...
Journal of theoretical biology 276 (1), 229-249, 2011
Ontologies of drug discovery and design for neurology, cardiology and oncology
J M Vazquez-Naya, M Martinez-Romero, A B Porto-Pazos, F Novoa, ...
Current pharmaceutical design 16 (24), 2724-2736, 2010
Generalized lattice graphs for 2D-visualization of biological information
H Gonzalez-Diaz, LG Perez-Montoto, A Duardo-Sanchez, E Paniagua, ...
Journal of theoretical biology 261 (1), 136-147, 2009
Complex network spectral moments for ATCUN motif DNA cleavage: first predictive study on proteins of human pathogen parasites
CR Munteanu, JM Vázquez, J Dorado, AP Sierra, Á Sánchez-González, ...
Journal of proteome research 8 (11), 5219-5228, 2009
From QSAR models of drugs to complex networks: state-of-art review and introduction of new Markov-spectral moments indices
P Riera-Fernandez, R Martin-Romalde, F J Prado-Prado, M Escobar, ...
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 12 (8), 927-960, 2012
New Markov–Shannon Entropy models to assess connectivity quality in complex networks: from molecular to cellular pathway, parasite–host, neural, industry, and legal–social networks
P Riera-Fernandez, CR Munteanu, M Escobar, F Prado-Prado, ...
Journal of theoretical biology 293, 174-188, 2012
Natural/random protein classification models based on star network topological indices
CR Munteanu, H González-Díaz, F Borges, AL de Magalhães
Journal of theoretical biology 254 (4), 775-783, 2008
Alignment-free prediction of mycobacterial DNA promoters based on pseudo-folding lattice network or star-graph topological indices
A Perez-Bello, CR Munteanu, FM Ubeira, AL De Magalhães, E Uriarte, ...
Journal of theoretical biology 256 (3), 458-466, 2009
Topological indices for medicinal chemistry, biology, parasitology, neurological and social networks
H González-Díaz, CR Munteanu
Kerala: Transworld Research Network, 2010
Star graphs of protein sequences and proteome mass spectra in cancer prediction
JM Vázquez, V Aguiar, JA Seoane, A Freire, JA Serantes, J Dorado, ...
Current Proteomics 6 (4), 275-288, 2009
ANN multiscale model of anti-HIV drugs activity vs AIDS prevalence in the US at county level based on information indices of molecular graphs and social networks
H González-Díaz, DM Herrera-Ibatá, A Duardo-Sánchez, CR Munteanu, ...
Journal of chemical information and modeling 54 (3), 744-755, 2014
MIANN models in medicinal, physical and organic chemistry
H González-Díaz, S Arrasate, N Sotomayor, E Lete, C R Munteanu, ...
Current topics in medicinal chemistry 13 (5), 619-641, 2013
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