Antonio José Ramirez Pastor
Antonio José Ramirez Pastor
Director del Instituto de Física Aplicada, INFAP (UNSL-CONICET)
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Screening of bio-compatible metal–organic frameworks as potential drug carriers using Monte Carlo simulations
MC Bernini, D Fairen-Jimenez, M Pasinetti, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, RQ Snurr
Journal of Materials Chemistry B 2 (7), 766-774, 2014
Statistical thermodynamics and transport of linear adsorbates
AJ Ramirez-Pastor, TP Eggarter, VD Pereyra, JL Riccardo
Physical Review B 59 (16), 11027, 1999
Monte Carlo study of dimer adsorption at monolayer on square lattices
AJ Ramirez-Pastor, JL Riccardo, VD Pereyra
Surface science 411 (3), 294-302, 1998
Kinetics of particle coarsening at gold electrode/electrolyte solution interfaces followed by in situ scanning tunneling microscopy
G Andreasen, M Nazzarro, J Ramirez, RC Salvarezza, AJ Arvia
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 143 (2), 466-471, 1996
Percolation of polyatomic species on a square lattice
V Cornette, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, F Nieto
The European Physical Journal B-Condensed Matter and Complex Systems 36 (3 …, 2003
Divergent Petermann factor of interacting resonances in a stadium-shaped microcavity
SY Lee, JW Ryu, JB Shim, SB Lee, SW Kim, K An
Physical Review A 78 (1), 015805, 2008
Electrophoretic karyotypes and genome sizing of the pathogenic fungus Paracoccidioides brasiliensis
MIN Cano, PS Cisalpino, I Galindo, JL Ramírez, RA Mortara, ...
Journal of clinical microbiology 36 (3), 742-747, 1998
Dimer physisorption on heterogeneous substrates
AJ Ramirez-Pastor, MS Nazzarro, JL Riccardo, G Zgrablich
Surface science 341 (3), 249-261, 1995
A stereoselective, two-step preparation of. alpha.-alkyl-. alpha.,. beta.-unsaturated esters
GL Larson, C Fernandez de Kaifer, R Seda, LE Torres, JR Ramirez
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 49 (18), 3385-3386, 1984
Dependence of the percolation threshold on the size of the percolating species
V Cornette, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, F Nieto
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 327 (1-2), 71-75, 2003
Multisite occupancy adsorption: comparative study of new different analytical approaches
F Romá, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, JL Riccardo
Langmuir 19 (17), 6770-6777, 2003
Differential heat of adsorption in the presence of an order–disorder phase transition
AJ Ramirez-Pastor, F Bulnes
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and Its Applications 283 (1-2), 198-203, 2000
Determination of the critical exponents for the isotropic-nematic phase transition in a system of long rods on two-dimensional lattices: Universality of the transition
DA Matoz-Fernandez, DH Linares, AJ Ramirez-Pastor
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 82 (5), 50007, 2008
Critical behavior of repulsive linear k-mers on square lattices at half coverage: Theory and Monte Carlo simulations
F Romá, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, JL Riccardo
Physical Review B 68 (20), 205407, 2003
Adsorption of dimer molecules on triangular and honeycomb lattices
JE González, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, VD Pereyra
Langmuir 17 (22), 6974-6980, 2001
Molecular processes on heterogeneous solid surfaces
G Zgrablich, V Mayagoitia, F Rojas, F Bulnes, AP Gonzalez, M Nazzarro, ...
Langmuir 12 (1), 129-138, 1996
Critical behavior of long straight rigid rods on two-dimensional lattices: Theory and Monte Carlo simulations
DA Matoz-Fernandez, DH Linares, AJ Ramirez-Pastor
The Journal of chemical physics 128 (21), 214902, 2008
Configurational entropy for adsorbed linear species -mers)
F Romá, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, JL Riccardo
The Journal of Chemical Physics 114 (24), 10932-10937, 2001
Fractional statistical theory of adsorption of polyatomics
JL Riccardo, AJ Ramirez-Pastor, F Romá
Physical review letters 93 (18), 186101, 2004
Adsorption thermodynamics with multisite occupancy at criticality
AJ Ramirez-Pastor, JL Riccardo, VD Pereyra
Langmuir 16 (26), 10167-10174, 2000
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