Antonino Salvatore Arico'
Antonino Salvatore Arico'
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Nanostructured materials for advanced energy conversion and storage devices
AS Arico, P Bruce, B Scrosati, JM Tarascon, W Van Schalkwijk
Materials for sustainable energy: a collection of peer-reviewed research and …, 2011
DMFCs: from fundamental aspects to technology development
AS Arico, S Srinivasan, V Antonucci
Fuel cells 1 (2), 133-161, 2001
International activities in DMFC R&D: status of technologies and potential applications
R Dillon, S Srinivasan, AS Arico, V Antonucci
Journal of Power Sources 127 (1-2), 112-126, 2004
Investigation of a direct methanol fuel cell based on a composite Nafion®-silica electrolyte for high temperature operation
PL Antonucci, AS Arico, P Cretı, E Ramunni, V Antonucci
Solid State Ionics 125 (1-4), 431-437, 1999
Hybrid Nafion–silica membranes doped with heteropolyacids for application in direct methanol fuel cells
P Staiti, AS Arico, V Baglio, F Lufrano, E Passalacqua, V Antonucci
Solid State Ionics 145 (1-4), 101-107, 2001
Composite Nafion/zirconium phosphate membranes for direct methanol fuel cell operation at high temperature
C Yang, S Srinivasan, AS Arico, P Cretı, V Baglio, V Antonucci
Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters 4 (4), A31-A34, 2001
An XPS study on oxidation states of Pt and its alloys with Co and Cr and its relevance to electroreduction of oxygen
AS Arico, AK Shukla, H Kim, S Park, M Min, V Antonucci
Applied Surface Science 172 (1-2), 33-40, 2001
Comparison of ethanol and methanol oxidation in a liquid‐feed solid polymer electrolyte fuel cell at high temperature
AS Arico, P Cretı, PL Antonucci, V Antonucci
Electrochemical and Solid State Letters 1 (2), 66, 1998
Durable superhydrophobic and antireflective surfaces by trimethylsilanized silica nanoparticles-based sol− gel processing
M Manca, A Cannavale, L De Marco, AS Arico, R Cingolani, G Gigli
Langmuir 25 (11), 6357-6362, 2009
Nafion–TiO2 composite DMFC membranes: physico-chemical properties of the filler versus electrochemical performance
V Baglio, AS Arico, A Di Blasi, V Antonucci, PL Antonucci, S Licoccia, ...
Electrochimica Acta 50 (5), 1241-1246, 2005
Analysis of the electrochemical characteristics of a direct methanol fuel cell based on a Pt‐Ru/C anode catalyst
AS Arico, P Creti, H Kim, R Mantegna, N Giordano, V Antonucci
Journal of the Electrochemical Society 143 (12), 3950-3959, 1996
Influence of the acid–base characteristics of inorganic fillers on the high temperature performance of composite membranes in direct methanol fuel cells
AS Arico, V Baglio, A Di Blasi, P Creti, PL Antonucci, V Antonucci
Solid State Ionics 161 (3-4), 251-265, 2003
CWO of phenol on two differently prepared CuO–CeO2 catalysts
S Hočevar, UO Krašovec, B Orel, AS Aricó, H Kim
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 28 (2), 113-125, 2000
Sulfonated polybenzimidazole membranes—preparation and physico-chemical characterization
P Staiti, F Lufrano, AS Arico, E Passalacqua, V Antonucci
Journal of Membrane Science 188 (1), 71-78, 2001
Investigation of a carbon-supported quaternary Pt Ru Sn W catalyst for direct methanol fuel cells
AS Arico, Z Poltarzewski, H Kim, A Morana, N Giordano, V Antonucci
Journal of power sources 55 (2), 159-166, 1995
Effect of Pt Ru alloy composition on high-temperature methanol electro-oxidation
AS Arico, PL Antonucci, E Modica, V Baglio, H Kim, V Antonucci
Electrochimica Acta 47 (22-23), 3723-3732, 2002
Influence of flow field design on the performance of a direct methanol fuel cell
AS Arico, P Cretı, V Baglio, E Modica, V Antonucci
Journal of Power Sources 91 (2), 202-209, 2000
Investigation of a Ba0. 5Sr0. 5Co0. 8Fe0. 2O3− δ based cathode SOFC: II. The effect of CO2 on the chemical stability
A Yan, V Maragou, A Arico, M Cheng, P Tsiakaras
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 76 (3-4), 320-327, 2007
Effect of carbon-supported and unsupported Pt–Ru anodes on the performance of solid-polymer-electrolyte direct methanol fuel cells
AS Arico, AK Shukla, KM El-Khatib, P Creti, V Antonucci
Journal of applied electrochemistry 29 (6), 673-678, 1999
An X-ray photoelectron spectroscopic study on the effect of Ru and Sn additions to platinised carbons
AK Shukla, AS Arico, KM El-Khatib, H Kim, PL Antonucci, V Antonucci
Applied surface science 137 (1-4), 20-29, 1999
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