Óscar Rodríguez Alabanda
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Software implementation of a new analytical methodology applied to the multi-stage wire drawing process: the case study of the copper wire manufacturing line optimization
O Rodriguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, G Guerrero-Vaca, L Sevilla
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 96 (5), 2077-2089, 2018
Study on the main influencing factors in the removal process of non-stick fluoropolymer coatings using Nd: YAG Laser
Ó Rodríguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, C Soriano, L Sevilla, ...
Polymers 11 (1), 123, 2019
Non-stick coatings in aluminium molds for the production of polyurethane foam
F Sánchez-Urbano, G Paz-Gómez, Ó Rodríguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, ...
Coatings 8 (9), 301, 2018
Water-Repellent Fluoropolymer-Based Coatings
G Paz-Gómez, JC del Caño-Ochoa, O Rodríguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, ...
Coatings 9 (5), 293, 2019
Manufacturing of non-stick molds from pre-painted aluminum sheets via single point incremental forming
O Rodriguez-Alabanda, MA Narvaez, G Guerrero-Vaca, PE Romero
Applied Sciences 8 (6), 1002, 2018
Evaluation of substrates of al-mg and aluminized steel coated with non-stick fluoropolymers after the removal of the coating
Ó Rodríguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, G Guerrero-Vaca
Materials 11 (11), 2309, 2018
Selection of Parameters and Strategies to Reduce Energy Consumption and Improve Surface Quality in EN-AW 7075 Molds Machining
O Rodriguez-Alabanda, MT Bonilla, G Guerrero-Vaca, PE Romero
Metals 8 (9), 688, 2018
Metodología para el estudio y diseño tecnológico del proceso secuencial de estirado multi-etapa de alambre y barras de sección circular.
O Rodríguez Alabanda
UMA Editorial, 2017
Educational software tool based on the analytical methodology for design and technological analysis of multi‐step drawing processes
O Rodríguez‐Alabanda, G Guerrero‐Vaca, PE Romero, L Sevilla
Computer applications in engineering education 27 (1), 38-48, 2019
Machining time estimation using the geometrics features of the 2.5 D pocket contour
O Rodriguez-Alabanda, G Guerrero-Vacas, PE Romero
Procedia Manufacturing 41, 508-515, 2019
A Technical Version of Achieving a Brass Coated Surface on Steel Wires
M Tintelecan, DA Iluțiu-Varvara, OR Alabanda, IM Sas-Boca
Procedia Manufacturing 46, 12-18, 2020
Experimental Study for the Stripping of PTFE Coatings on Al-Mg Substrates Using Dry Abrasive Materials
G Guerrero-Vaca, D Carrizo-Tejero, Ó Rodríguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, ...
Materials 13 (3), 799, 2020
Superhydrophobic Cerium-Based Coatings on Al-Mg Alloys and Aluminized Steel
G Guerrero-Vaca, MA Rodríguez-Valverde, P Castilla-Montilla, ...
Coatings 9 (12), 774, 2019
Stripping of PFA Fluoropolymer Coatings Using a Nd: YAG Laser (Q-Switch) and an Yb Fiber Laser (CW)
G Guerrero-Vaca, Ó Rodríguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, C Soriano, ...
Polymers 11 (11), 1738, 2019
Incremental forming of non-stick pre-coated sheets
O Rodriguez-Alabanda, R Molleja-Molleja, G Guerrero-Vaca, PE Romero
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology 101 (9), 3065 …, 2019
A device for gear fabrication by hot rolling, on presses
T Marius, IV Dana-Adriana, OR Alabanda, SBI Monica
Procedia Manufacturing 32, 59-67, 2019
Application of custom macro B high level CNC programming language in a five-axis milling machine for drilling holes distributed in axi-symmetric working planes
O Rodriguez-Alabanda, PE Romero, G Guerrero-Vaca
Procedia Manufacturing 41, 976-983, 2019
Manufacture of polyurethane foam parts for automotive industry using FDM 3D printed molds
PE Romero, J Arribas-Barrios, O Rodriguez-Alabanda, ...
CIRP Journal of Manufacturing Science and Technology 32, 396-404, 2021
Use of Data Mining Techniques for the Prediction of Surface Roughness of Printed Parts in Polylactic Acid (PLA) by Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM): A Practical Application in …
E Molero, JJ Fernández, O Rodríguez-Alabanda, G Guerrero-Vaca, ...
Polymers 12 (4), 840, 2020
Achieving a Toothed Gear on Presses
M Tintelecan, DA Iluțiu-Varvara, O Rodriguez-Alabanda, IM Sas-Boca, ...
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings 63 (1), 57, 2020
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