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Environmental behavior and ecotoxicity of engineered nanoparticles to algae, plants, and fungi
E Navarro, A Baun, R Behra, NB Hartmann, J Filser, AJ Miao, A Quigg, ...
Ecotoxicology 17 (5), 372-386, 2008
Ecotoxicity of engineered nanoparticles to aquatic invertebrates: a brief review and recommendations for future toxicity testing
A Baun, NB Hartmann, K Grieger, KO Kusk
Ecotoxicology 17 (5), 387-395, 2008
Toxicity and bioaccumulation of xenobiotic organic compounds in the presence of aqueous suspensions of aggregates of nano-C60
A Baun, SN Sørensen, RF Rasmussen, NB Hartmann, CB Koch
Aquatic Toxicology 86 (3), 379-387, 2008
Environmental benefits and risks of zero-valent iron nanoparticles (nZVI) for in situ remediation: risk mitigation or trade-off?
KD Grieger, A Fjordbøge, NB Hartmann, E Eriksson, PL Bjerg, A Baun
Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 118 (3-4), 165-183, 2010
Algal testing of titanium dioxide nanoparticles—testing considerations, inhibitory effects and modification of cadmium bioavailability
NB Hartmann, F Von der Kammer, T Hofmann, M Baalousha, ...
Toxicology 269 (2-3), 190-197, 2010
ITS-NANO-Prioritising nanosafety research to develop a stakeholder driven intelligent testing strategy
V Stone, S Pozzi-Mucelli, L Tran, K Aschberger, S Sabella, U Vogel, ...
Particle and fibre toxicology 11 (1), 9, 2014
Adapting OECD aquatic toxicity tests for use with manufactured nanomaterials: key issues and consensus recommendations
EJ Petersen, SA Diamond, AJ Kennedy, GG Goss, K Ho, J Lead, ...
Environmental science & technology 49 (16), 9532-9547, 2015
Setting the limits for engineered nanoparticles in European surface waters–are current approaches appropriate?
A Baun, NB Hartmann, KD Grieger, SF Hansen
Journal of Environmental Monitoring 11 (10), 1774-1781, 2009
Comprehensive in vitro toxicity testing of a panel of representative oxide nanomaterials: first steps towards an intelligent testing strategy
L Farcal, FT Andón, L Di Cristo, BM Rotoli, O Bussolati, E Bergamaschi, ...
PLoS One 10 (5), e0127174, 2015
The influence of natural organic matter and aging on suspension stability in guideline toxicity testing of silver, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide nanoparticles with Daphnia magna
D Cupi, NB Hartmann, A Baun
Environmental toxicology and chemistry 34 (3), 497-506, 2015
Microplastics: occurrence, effects and sources of releases to the environment in Denmark
C Lassen, SF Hansen, K Magnusson, NB Hartmann, PR Jensen, ...
Danish Environmental Protection Agency, 2015
The potential of TiO2 nanoparticles as carriers for cadmium uptake in Lumbriculus variegatus and Daphnia magna
NB Hartmann, S Legros, F Von der Kammer, T Hofmann, A Baun
Aquatic toxicology 118, 1-8, 2012
Ingestion of micro-and nanoplastics in Daphnia magna–Quantification of body burdens and assessment of feeding rates and reproduction
S Rist, A Baun, NB Hartmann
Environmental Pollution 228, 398-407, 2017
The challenges of testing metal and metal oxide nanoparticles in algal bioassays: titanium dioxide and gold nanoparticles as case studies
NB Hartmann, C Engelbrekt, J Zhang, J Ulstrup, KO Kusk, A Baun
Nanotoxicology 7 (6), 1082-1094, 2012
Engineered nanoparticles: Review of health and environmental safety (ENRHES). Project final report
V Stone, S Hankin, R Aitken, K Aschberger, A Baun, F Christensen, ...
European Commission, 2010
Microplastics as vectors for environmental contaminants: Exploring sorption, desorption, and transfer to biota
NB Hartmann, S Rist, J Bodin, LHS Jensen, SN Schmidt, P Mayer, ...
Integrated environmental assessment and management 13 (3), 488-493, 2017
Techniques and protocols for dispersing nanoparticle powders in aqueous media—is there a rationale for harmonization?
NB Hartmann, KA Jensen, A Baun, K Rasmussen, H Rauscher, R Tantra, ...
Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part B 18 (6), 299-326, 2015
Uptake and depuration of gold nanoparticles in Daphnia magna
LM Skjolding, K Kern, R Hjorth, N Hartmann, S Overgaard, G Ma, ...
Ecotoxicology 23 (7), 1172-1183, 2014
Aquatic ecotoxicity testing of nanoparticles—the quest to disclose nanoparticle effects
LM Skjolding, SN Sørensen, NB Hartmann, R Hjorth, SF Hansen, A Baun
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (49), 15224-15239, 2016
Environmental exposure assessment framework for nanoparticles in solid waste
A Boldrin, SF Hansen, A Baun, NIB Hartmann, TF Astrup
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 16 (6), 2394, 2014
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