Nina-Juliane Steinke
Nina-Juliane Steinke
Instrument Scientist, Institut Laue-Lagevin, France
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Magnetic ordering in Cr-doped Bi2Se3 thin films
LJ Collins-McIntyre, SE Harrison, P Schönherr, NJ Steinke, CJ Kinane, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 107 (5), 57009, 2014
Experimental and theoretical analysis of magnetic moment enhancement in oxygen-deficient EuO
M Barbagallo, NDM Hine, JFK Cooper, NJ Steinke, A Ionescu, ...
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Perpendicular Local Magnetization Under Voltage Control in Ni Films on Ferroelectric BaTiO3 Substrates
M Ghidini, F Maccherozzi, X Moya, LC Phillips, W Yan, J Soussi, ...
Advanced Materials 27 (8), 1460-1465, 2015
Thickness-dependent magnetic properties of oxygen-deficient EuO
M Barbagallo, T Stollenwerk, J Kroha, NJ Steinke, NDM Hine, JFK Cooper, ...
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Structural, electronic, and magnetic investigation of magnetic ordering in MBE-grown CrxSb2− xTe3 thin films
LJ Collins-McIntyre, LB Duffy, A Singh, NJ Steinke, CJ Kinane, ...
EPL (Europhysics Letters) 115 (2), 27006, 2016
Magnetic proximity coupling to Cr-doped thin films
LB Duffy, AI Figueroa, NJ Steinke, K Kummer, G van der Laan, T Hesjedal
Physical Review B 95 (22), 224422, 2017
Evidence of lipid exchange in styrene maleic acid lipid particle (SMALP) nanodisc systems
G Hazell, T Arnold, RD Barker, LA Clifton, NJ Steinke, C Tognoloni, ...
Langmuir 32 (45), 11845-11853, 2016
Impact of nanostructuring on the phase behavior of insertion materials: The hydrogenation kinetics of a magnesium thin film
LJ Bannenberg, H Schreuders, L van Eijck, JR Heringa, NJ Steinke, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (19), 10185-10191, 2016
Hafnium—an optical hydrogen sensor spanning six orders in pressure
C Boelsma, LJ Bannenberg, MJ van Setten, NJ Steinke, AA van Well, ...
Nature Communications 8, 15718, 2017
Measurement of gravitation-induced quantum interference for neutrons in a spin-echo spectrometer
VO de Haan, J Plomp, AA van Well, MT Rekveldt, YH Hasegawa, ...
Physical Review A 89 (6), 063611, 2014
Nonuniversal dynamic magnetization reversal in the Barkhausen-dominated and mesofrequency regimes
NJ Steinke, TA Moore, R Mansell, JAC Bland, CHW Barnes
Physical Review B 86 (18), 184434, 2012
Effect of MgO barriers on ferromagnetic metallic layers studied by polarized neutron reflectivity
JB Laloë, A Ionescu, S Easton, NJ Steinke, TJ Hayward, H Kurebayashi, ...
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Electrochemical deposition of silver and copper from a deep eutectic solvent studied using time-resolved neutron reflectivity
AD Ballantyne, R Barker, RM Dalgliesh, VC Ferreira, AR Hillman, ...
Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 819, 511-523, 2018
Imposing long-range ferromagnetic order in rare-earth-doped magnetic topological-insulator heterostructures
LB Duffy, A Frisk, DM Burn, NJ Steinke, J Herrero-Martin, A Ernst, ...
Physical Review Materials 2 (5), 054201, 2018
Engineering helimagnetism in MnSi thin films
SL Zhang, R Chalasani, AA Baker, NJ Steinke, AI Figueroa, A Kohn, ...
AIP Advances 6 (1), 015217, 2016
Structural and magnetic properties of ultra-thin Fe films on metal-organic chemical vapour deposited GaN (0001)
JY Kim, A Ionescu, R Mansell, I Farrer, F Oehler, CJ Kinane, JFK Cooper, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 121 (4), 043904, 2017
Microscopic effects of Dy doping in the topological insulator
LB Duffy, NJ Steinke, JA Krieger, AI Figueroa, K Kummer, T Lancaster, ...
Physical Review B 97 (17), 174427, 2018
Magnetic state of multilayered synthetic antiferromagnets during soliton nucleation and propagation for vertical data transfer
A Fernández‐Pacheco, NJ Steinke, D Mahendru, A Welbourne, ...
Advanced Materials Interfaces 3 (15), 1600097, 2016
Real-time in situ dynamic sub-surface imaging of multi-component electrodeposited films using event mode neutron reflectivity
AR Hillman, R Barker, RM Dalgliesh, VC Ferreira, EJR Palin, ...
Faraday discussions 210, 429-449, 2018
Non-lamellar lipid assembly at interfaces: controlling layer structure by responsive nanogel particles
TN Aleksandra P. Dabkowska, Maria Valldeperas, Christopher Hirst, Costanza ...
Interface Focus 7, 20160150, 2017
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