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Ponnadurai Ramasami
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Partial molal volumes and adiabatic compressibilities of transfer of glycine and DL-alanine from water to aqueous sodium sulfate at 288.15, 298.15 and 308.15 K
RK Wadi, P Ramasami
Journal of the Chemical Society, Faraday Transactions 93 (2), 243-247, 1997
Trends in σ-hole strengths and interactions of F3MX molecules (M= C, Si, Ge and X= F, Cl, Br, I)
A Bundhun, P Ramasami, JS Murray, P Politzer
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Chemical and near-infrared determination of moisture, fat and protein in tuna fishes
K Khodabux, MSS L’Omelette, S Jhaumeer-Laulloo, P Ramasami, ...
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Solubilities of amino acids in water and aqueous sodium sulfate and related apparent transfer properties
P Ramasami
Journal of Chemical & Engineering Data 47 (5), 1164-1166, 2002
Partial molar volumes and adiabatic compressibilities at infinite dilution of aminocarboxylic acids and glycylglycine in water and aqueous solutions of sodium sulphate at (288 …
P Ramasami, R Kakkar
The Journal of Chemical Thermodynamics 38 (11), 1385-1395, 2006
Structural and DFT/TD-DFT investigation of tris (bidentate) complexes of rhenium (III) synthesized from the cis-[ReO2]+ core and benzenethiol derivatives
KC Potgieter, TIA Gerber, R Betz, L Rhyman, P Ramasami
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Surface tension and related thermodynamic parameters of alcohols using the Traube stalagmometer
BA Dilmohamud, J Seeneevassen, S Rughooputh, P Ramasami
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Fluorescent difluoroboron-curcumin analogs: An investigation of the electronic structures and photophysical properties
SN Margar, L Rhyman, P Ramasami, N Sekar
Spectrochimica Acta Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy 152, 241-251, 2016
Theoretical study of the molecular aspect of the suspected novichok agent A234 of the Skripal poisoning
H Bhakhoa, L Rhyman, P Ramasami
Royal Society open science 6 (2), 181831, 2019
A combined experimental and DFT-TDDFT study of the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) of 2-(2′-hydroxyphenyl) imidazole derivatives
VS Padalkar, P Ramasami, N Sekar
Journal of fluorescence 23 (5), 839-851, 2013
ESIPT inspired fluorescent 2-(4-benzo [d] oxazol-2-yl) naphtho [1, 2-d] oxazol-2-yl) phenol: experimental and DFT based approach to photophysical properties
KR Phatangare, VD Gupta, AB Tathe, VS Padalkar, VS Patil, P Ramasami, ...
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A comprehensive spectroscopic and computational investigation of intramolecular proton transfer in the excited states of 2-(2′-hydroxyphenyl) benzoxazole and its derivatives
VS Padalkar, P Ramasami, N Sekar
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Quantification of sugars in soft drinks and fruit juices by density, refractometry, infrared spectroscopy and statistical methods
P Ramasami, S Jhaumeer-Laulloo, P Rondeau, F Cadet, H Seepujak, ...
South African Journal of Chemistry 57, 2004
Ion‐Pair SN2 Substitution: Activation Strain Analyses of Counter‐Ion and Solvent Effects
JZA Laloo, L Rhyman, P Ramasami, FM Bickelhaupt, A de Cózar
Chemistry–A European Journal 22 (13), 4431-4439, 2016
A DFT Study of the [3+ 2] versus [4+ 2] Cycloaddition Reactions of 1, 5, 6-Trimethylpyrazinium-3-olate with Methyl Methacrylate
LR Domingo, JA Sáez, JA Joule, L Rhyman, P Ramasami
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 78 (4), 1621-1629, 2013
Nickel (II) and copper (II) complexes of allyl 2-(thiophen-2-ylmethylene) hydrazinecarbodithioate: synthesis, X-ray crystal structures, and theoretical study
R Takjoo, R Centore, L Rhyman, P Ramasami
Journal of Coordination Chemistry 65 (9), 1569-1579, 2012
Photochemical Strain‐Release‐Driven Cyclobutylation of C(sp3)‐Centered Radicals
G Ernouf, E Chirkin, L Rhyman, P Ramasami, JC Cintrat
Angewandte Chemie 132 (7), 2640-2644, 2020
Aza-macrocyclic complexes of the Group 1 cations–synthesis, structures and density functional theory study
J Dyke, W Levason, ME Light, D Pugh, G Reid, H Bhakhoa, P Ramasami, ...
Dalton Transactions 44 (31), 13853-13866, 2015
Germylene Energetics: Electron Affinities and Singlet−Triplet Gaps of GeX2 and GeXY Species (X, Y = H, CH3, SiH3, GeH3, F, Cl, Br, I)
A Bundhun, P Ramasami, HF Schaefer III
The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 113 (28), 8080-8090, 2009
Understanding the formation of [3+ 2] and [2+ 4] cycloadducts in the Lewis acid catalysed reaction between methyl glyoxylate oxime and cyclopentadiene: a theoretical study
L Rhyman, P Ramasami, JA Joule, JA Sáez, LR Domingo
RSC advances 3 (2), 447-457, 2013
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