Jun J. Sato
Jun J. Sato
Fukuyama University
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Evolutionary and biogeographic history of weasel-like carnivorans (Musteloidea)
JJ Sato, M Wolsan, FJ Prevosti, G D’Elía, C Begg, K Begg, T Hosoda, ...
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Molecular phylogeny of the subfamily Gerbillinae (Muridae, Rodentia) with emphasis on species living in the Xinjiang-Uygur autonomous region of China and based on the …
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Molecular phylogenetic analysis of nuclear genes suggests a Cenozoic over-water dispersal origin for the Cuban solenodon
JJ Sato, SD Ohdachi, L Echenique-Diaz, L Borroto-Páez, G Begué-Quiala, JL ...
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Loss or major reduction of umami taste sensation in pinnipeds
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A review of the processes of mammalian faunal assembly in Japan: insights from molecular phylogenetics
JJ Sato
Species diversity of animals in Japan, 49-116, 2017
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