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Charge transfer rates and electron trapping at buried interfaces of perovskite solar cells
I Levine, A Al-Ashouri, A Musiienko, H Hempel, A Magomedov, ...
Joule 5 (11), 2915-2933, 2021
Interface engineering for high-performance, triple-halide perovskite–silicon tandem solar cells
S Mariotti, E Köhnen, F Scheler, K Sveinbjörnsson, L Zimmermann, M Piot, ...
Science 381 (6653), 63-69, 2023
Deep levels, charge transport and mixed conductivity in organometallic halide perovskites
A Musiienko, P Moravec, R Grill, P Praus, I Vasylchenko, J Pekarek, ...
Energy & Environmental Science 12 (4), 1413-1425, 2019
Deciphering the effect of traps on electronic charge transport properties of methylammonium lead tribromide perovskite
A Musiienko, J Pipek, P Praus, M Brynza, E Belas, B Dryzhakov, MH Du, ...
Science advances 6 (37), eabb6393, 2020
Pyridine controlled tin perovskite crystallization
G Nasti, MH Aldamasy, MA Flatken, P Musto, P Matczak, A Dallmann, ...
ACS Energy Letters 7 (10), 3197-3203, 2022
Defects in hybrid perovskites: the secret of efficient charge transport
A Musiienko, DR Ceratti, J Pipek, M Brynza, H Elhadidy, E Belas, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 31 (48), 2104467, 2021
Characterization of polarizing semiconductor radiation detectors by laser-induced transient currents
A Musiienko, R Grill, J Pekárek, E Belas, P Praus, J Pipek, V Dědič, ...
Applied Physics Letters 111 (8), 2017
Revealing the doping density in perovskite solar cells and its impact on device performance
F Peña-Camargo, J Thiesbrummel, H Hempel, A Musiienko, VM Le Corre, ...
Applied Physics Reviews 9 (2), 2022
Differential single-pixel camera enabling low-cost microscopy in near-infrared spectral region
O Denk, A Musiienko, K Žídek
Optics express 27 (4), 4562-4571, 2019
Rubidium Iodide Reduces Recombination Losses in Methylammonium‐Free Tin‐Lead Perovskite Solar Cells
F Yang, RW MacQueen, D Menzel, A Musiienko, A Al‐Ashouri, ...
Advanced Energy Materials 13 (19), 2204339, 2023
Interface Modification for Energy Level Alignment and Charge Extraction in CsPbI3 Perovskite Solar Cells
Z Iqbal, F Zu, A Musiienko, E Gutierrez-Partida, H Köbler, TW Gries, ...
ACS Energy Letters 8 (10), 4304-4314, 2023
Charge Transport and Space-Charge Formation in Radiation Detectors
J Pipek, M Betušiak, E Belas, R Grill, P Praus, A Musiienko, J Pekarek, ...
Physical Review Applied 15 (5), 054058, 2021
Dual-wavelength photo-Hall effect spectroscopy of deep levels in high resistive CdZnTe with negative differential photoconductivity
A Musiienko, R Grill, P Moravec, G Korcsmáros, M Rejhon, J Pekárek, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 123 (16), 2018
Photo-Hall-Effect Spectroscopy with Enhanced Illumination in Showing Negative Differential Photoconductivity
A Musiienko, R Grill, P Moravec, P Fochuk, I Vasylchenko, H Elhadidy, ...
Physical Review Applied 10 (1), 014019, 2018
What is special about Y6; the working mechanism of neat Y6 organic solar cells
E Sağlamkaya, A Musiienko, MS Shadabroo, B Sun, S Chandrabose, ...
Materials Horizons 10 (5), 1825-1834, 2023
Deep levels in high resistive CdTe and CdZnTe explored by photo-Hall effect and photoluminescence spectroscopy
A Musiienko, R Grill, P Hlídek, P Moravec, E Belas, J Zázvorka, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 32 (1), 015002, 2016
Advanced Characterization and Optimization of NiOx: Cu‐SAM Hole‐Transporting Bi‐Layer for 23.4% Efficient Monolithic Cu (In, Ga) Se2‐Perovskite Tandem Solar Cells
I Kafedjiska, I Levine, A Musiienko, N Maticiuc, T Bertram, A Al‐Ashouri, ...
Advanced Functional Materials, 2302924, 2023
Space charge oscillations in semiinsulating CdZnTe
V Dědič, M Rejhon, J Franc, A Musiienko, R Grill
Applied Physics Letters 111 (10), 2017
Stabilization of Inorganic Perovskite Solar Cells with a 2D Dion–Jacobson Passivating Layer
L Wu, G Li, K Prashanthan, A Musiienko, J Li, TW Gries, H Zhang, ...
Advanced Materials 35 (42), 2304150, 2023
Managing Excess Lead Iodide with Functionalized Oxo‐graphene Nanosheets for Stable Perovskite Solar Cells
G Li, Y Hu, M Li, Y Tang, Z Zhang, A Musiienko, Q Cao, F Akhundova, J Li, ...
Angewandte Chemie, e202307395, 2023
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